Key West, FL
5 plays produced professionally, 1 internationally; 3 screenplays optioned by Hollywood. Resident Playwright, Red Barn Theatre, Key West, FL
Los Angeles, CA
Simon Bowler is a seasoned producer, director and writer of almost 800 hours of film, broadcast and cable television programming.
Los Angeles, California
Chestnut Hill, MA
Playwright and Essayist - B.A. Boston College, M.F.A Columbia University
Brooklyn, NY
Australian playwright based in Brooklyn, NY.
New York, New York
Cambridge, MA
Van Nuys, CA
Playwright and teacher
Watertown, MA
MFA; The Butch Project, Part I, Honorable Mention,2019 Jane Chambers Prize; O’Neill semi-finalist At the Line,2014, Tops,2012; Sexism in Theatre, GuerrillaGirls
Cleveland Heights, OH
Laguna HIlls, CA
Manhattan, NY
Emily Breeze is a queer NYC-based playwright who mostly writes dark comedies about other queer women.
Brooklyn, NY
Plainview, NY
North Bergen, NJ
Deborah Brevoort writes plays, musicals and operas. She is best known for The Women of Lockerbie.She teaches at Goddard College, Columbia University & NYU
Moorhead, MN
Plymouth, MN
Denver, Colorado
Minneapolis, MN
Brooklyn, NY
New York, NY
Hillsborough, North Carolina
AEA/SAG-AFTRA - returning after long hiatus NY/LA.
New York, New York
Seattle, WA
Syracuse, NY
Providence, RI
Indianapolis, IN
Brooklyn, NY
Minneapolis, MN
Antioch, Ca
Silver Spring, MD
Eau Claire, WI
Minneapolis, MN