McKnight Theater Artist Fellowships

McKnight Artist Fellowships

The McKnight Theater Artist Fellowships at the Playwrights’ Center recognize theater artists other than playwrights whose work demonstrates exceptional artistic merit and whose primary residence is in the state of Minnesota. The $25,000 fellowships are intended to significantly advance recipients’ art and careers.

NOTE: Advance notification of intent to apply is strongly encouraged (but not required). Panelists attend live performances to help familiarize themselves with applicants' work, so it is very important to declare your intent to apply and inform the Playwrights’ Center where and when your performances take place. You may notify the Center of intent to apply any time before the final application deadline. (You may submit a final application without notifying the Center in advance; however, by providing no notice of your intent to apply, you are limiting panelists’ ability to view your work in a live setting.)

Selection is based on a commitment to theater arts, evidence of professional achievement, and a sustained level of excellence in the applicant's work. Recent recipients include: Sarah Agnew, Ansa Akyea, Barry Browning, Shá Cage, Sun Mee Chomet, James Craven, Marcus Dilliard, Masanari Kawahara, Christopher Lutter-Gardella, Greta Oglesby, Sonja Parks, Denise Prosek, Joel Sass, Michael Wangen, James A. Williams, Stephen Yoakam, Mathew LeFebvre, Austene Van, and Sally Wingert.

With the generous support of the McKnight Theater Artist Fellowship I have been able to make use of the time and space to breathe easier and focus on creating art. And though I'm still growing, it has given me the confidence to take creative risks, to challenge myself, to push past boundaries even I put myself.
– Austene Van
McKnight Theater Artist Fellow, 2014-15

Many more details can be found in the application form below. Questions may be addressed to Artistic Programs Administrator Julia Brown at

An information session will be held on Monday, February 13 from 5:30-7:00 p.m. at the Playwrights' Center.

April 13, 2017
McKnight Theater Artist Fellow
McKnight Theater Artist Fellow
McKnight Theater Artist Fellow