Script Club
Script Club

Accepting plays for Script Club

We're excited to introduce Script Club, a new script feedback program at Playwrights' Center. This free program connects avid script readers with new plays from our playwright member community. Each month we will share three or four members' scripts and collect readers' feedback.

Members may submit their plays via this online form to be considered for inclusion in Script Club.

Playwright members who participate as readers respond to specific discussion questions. This feedback is shared with the playwrights to help them develop their plays. You can read and respond to as many scripts as you'd like, in your own time. Sign-up to be a Script Club reader for this month and future months (see below).

Please note that we are giving priority to PWC members who are active Script Club Readers (at least 2 scripts) and are active participants in our education programming and/or public readings.

Plays submitted to Script Club will have the option of being read aloud during future Member Open Play sessions.

Script Club Application

All participants, whether readers or playwrights, must review and agree to comply with our Membership Programs Participation Agreements.

Please contact Membership Programs Manager, Alayna Jacqueline Barnes,, with any questions about this program.


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Script Club Playwrights

“If you care about who and what you’re writing about, you should care about the opinions of the people from that community.”

—Tori Sampson

We are interested in receiving scripts of all lengths (1-minute plays to full-length musicals).

Only current PWC members are eligible to send their play to Script Club.

The Playwrights' Center has the right to refuse any play for content that does not comply with our mission, vision, or values.

We do not censor, but we do question.

We encourage all writers in our programs to ask themselves: 

  1. Why am I writing this story? Whose voice is missing? How am I doing my work authentically and honestly? Have I done my research?

  2. How am I demonstrating responsibility when I write characters with identities and experiences that are not my own in light of larger systems of power and privilege?

  3. How do I stay open to and invite feedback that challenges me, especially from communities I don’t belong to when I’m writing about them? How do I listen deeply and respectfully?

*Please note that we are giving priority to PWC members who are active Script Club Readers (at least 2 scripts) and have attended or actively participated in last season's Member Open Play sessions, education programming, or public readings.

Script Club Application

Script Club Readers

  • Sign-up below to receive this month's script collection
    You'll need sign up each month to receive the script collections
  • Select which play(s) you want to read
    You can read as many or as few scripts as you'd like. Play collections may be a combination of full-lengths, one-acts, and 10-minute plays.
  • Written Feedback
    Each script has its own feedback link. Whether you completed reading or chose to skip a script, you can submit written feedback to the playwright. Yes, you read that right! Even if you didn't read a script, you can still provide helpful feedback to that playwright. So we highly encourage you to fill out each script's feedback form.

    Each form will ask our 5 standard questions

    • What would you say this play is about? What are the major themes?
    • What excited you about the play?
    • What confused you or took you out of the play?
    • Who or what did you want more of?
    • Were there any concerns you noted around issues of identity, including but not limited to race, class, gender, sexuality, religious/spiritual affiliation, or ability?
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September 1st through 30th
Anywhere you like to read