Charles Betz
Minneapolis, MN
Composer and lyricist

I am an amateur musician (by definition) but was a serious music student in high school and college. Have played and sung in all kinds of ensembles (rock, jazz, choir, orchestra), was on a professional track as a guitarist at U of N. TX (which tendinitis derailed), and have had formal training in theory and arranging. I have some ability with Logic Audio. I've written quite a few songs in a diversity of styles but am not much of a singer, and because of that have always stopped short of producing an album/EP; peers and mentors tell me it sounds like I am writing for musical theater so here I am. 


by Charles Betz (concept, music, and lyrics); book TBD.

Shawn, a 21st century man makes contact with Balthazar, a closely connected soul in 1500 BC Babylon. Both rise and fall in their respective communities, with Balthazar losing his life, traumatically experienced by Shawn via past life regression. Due to the non-linearity of time, they realize together that Balthazar’s apparent fate is only one possibility and the two of them together make different choices leading to freedom for both. 

Explores themes of spiritual growth, reincarnation, simultaneous time, materialism, divine feminine, and the New Age movement and its contradictions.


SHAWN, 21st century seeker SOPHIA, Shawn’s mentor/eventual romantic interest SONYA, Shawn’s toxic mother BALTHAZAR, Babylonian priest 1000 BC ANATU, (ah-NA-too), Babylonian priestess ARDORACH, power-hungry high priest infatuated with Anatu LAKHMU, Baltazar’s friend BELTIS, high priestess and Anatu’s mentor TBD: Shawn’s sister. Mentor/guide figure for Shawn other than Sophia.