Brooklyn, NY
New York, NY
Sandra is a theatre veteran. She recently received an honorable mention for her play Katrina and Sandy for the EstroGenius Festival, and was named a 2013 NYFA
Brooklyn, NY
Canton, GA
Somerville, MA
Altadena, CA
David Datz has been a professional actor since 1978, and has appeared in numerous plays and TV shows. He has been writing plays for three years.
Seattle, WA
Baltimore, MD
Chicago, IL
Spenser is a Chicago-based writer-director. Goodman Theatre's 2020 Maggio Fellow; winner of 2019 Osborn Award from ATCA.
NYC/Bronx, NY
An NYC playwright, director and producer.
Great Falls, VA
Los Angeles, CA
Jacksonville, FL
I write poetry, sci-fi novels, plays, computer code, mattress warning labels, graffiti, infomercials, and the instructions on the back of shampoo containers.
Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis, MN
playwright | performer | producer | consultant | @DramatistsGuild co-ambassador to Puerto Rico
Los Angeles, CA
Augusta, GA
Playwright and performer based in NYC/Minneapolis. Trained as a classical musician, I collaborate with artists of all kinds to create genre-crossing new work.
Chicago, IL
Milton, MA
Stillwater, OK
Philadelphia, PA
Harrisonburg, VA
Cincinnati, OH
I'm the author of five books, a veteran journalist, and a retired journalism professor. "Passacaglia" is my first play.
Farmington, ME
San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA
BFA graduate (NYU/theatre); 2017 MadLab play development participant
Clive, IA
Professional 1969 VW convertible beetle driver. 0 to 55 in 60 minutes!
New York, NY