Phil Blechman
Astoria, NY
Looking to work full-time as a playwright. In need of professional representation and connections to producers.

Phil currently lives in Long Island City, NY, working as the News Editor at He holds a BFA from Syracuse, University. His sharp-paced dialogue and knack for capturing intelligent characters navigating complex situations make his writing ideal for psychological dramas, suspense thrillers, comedies, and more.

Agent Information

I'm actively looking for representation. Any help would be immensely appreciated!


by Phil Blechman

Murderabilia is a dark comedy that satirizes the never-ending stream of 24-hour news. Thrust through the news’ coverage of murderabilia, a journalist rigorously attempts to expose the truth in a world overflowing with propaganda, infotainment, and never-ending breaking news after being tipped by a mysterious artist who paints exclusively with human blood about the murder of a corrupt politician.

Sydney Spata — Investigative Journalist // Jack Cantell — News Editor // Bobby Buffucci — Cantell's Assistant // Victoria Ire — The "Blood Artist" // News Anchor // Various Panelists and Guests of the News Anchor
by Phil Blechman

A poetry professor must decipher his student's suicide note disguised as a poem by delving into his past fraught with passion, murder, lost love, and chess. This puzzling suspense thriller runs a swift 90 minutes without an intermission.

Collin Archer Arther Chase Axel Cooper Cecilia "C.C." Cooper Julie Edwards Riley Andrews Michael Andrews Nicole