Doug DeVita
He, Him, His
New York, NY

Currently a Fresh Fruit Festival advisory board member, and former Artistic Director for Westside Repertory Theater, Doug has had work produced in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, New Jersey, Connecticut, and London.

His work includes:

• Phillie’s Trilogy (Development at the Kennedy Center and ESPA/Primary Stages; Fresh Fruit Festival Award of Distinction for Outstanding Production; Semi-Finalist Barrington Stage Company Fred Burman New Play Award.) 

• The Fierce Urgency Of Now (Fresh Fruit Festival Awards of Distinction for Outstanding Play and Outstanding Production.)

• Just A Rumor (O’Neill Semi-Finalist.)

• Goddess Of The Hunt (Development at the Kennedy Center and ESPA/Primary Stages.)

Doug also wrote the books for children’s musicals based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest and As You Like It, which were produced at New York’s Vital Children’s Theatre.

He has studied with Mark Bly, Gary Garrison, Jacqueline Goldfinger, and Caleen Jennings at the Kennedy Center; with Robert Askins, Rogelio Martinez, Winter Miller, and Michael Walkup at ESPA/Primary Stages; and with Karen Hartman, Lyle Kessler, and Eric Webb. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild.

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I need one. Anyone up for the job?


by Doug DeVita

Growing up gay in the “fabulous” 70s was no picnic for the precocious Phillie McDougal. Through nuns, priests, bullying classmates, parents – and years later the realization his best friend may not be the person he thought she was – he lived to tell the tales, with results no one bargained for. Including him.

Philip McDougal* A writer coping with loss M 49/57 Veronica McDougal* Philip's mother; a frustrated '70s housewife F 52/54 Barbara Quigley* Philip's childhood friend; coping with divorce F 49/57 Grace Bradley Barbara's mother; coping with memory loss F 76 Phillie McDougal Philip as a child; precocious, mouthy, insecure M 12/14 Barbie Bradley Barbara as a child; smart, overweight F 12/14 Keith Quigley* Phillie and Barbie's friend; nice kid M 12/14 Jude Quigley* Barbara and Keith's son: angry, troubled M 14 Younger Grace* Veronica's best friend; possibly pregnant F 39 Pete McDougal* Phillie's father; no-nonsense ad exec M 55 Sheila Roth* Philip's no nonsense agent, a "broad" F 60/68 * Doubling: Philip/Pete Veronica/Sheila Younger Grace/Barbara Keith/Jude
by Doug Devita

When staying the same becomes unbearable, we must burst out of our comfort zones.” 
– Dana P. Rowe

The Fierce urgency Of Now is a fast-moving comedy that follows art director Kyle as he tries to discover his real self amid the power struggles and skewed priorities of a high-powered New York ad agency. After an office restructuring puts him in a new creative group run by the megalomaniac Kate, he finds an unlikely ally in copywriter Dodo, a living-legend from the era of “Mad Men” who not-so-gently prods Kyle to the uncomfortable but inevitable realization that “It’s time to take off. And soar.”

Kyle Malick An angry young Art Director 30 M Dodo Sullivan Maguire An old pro Copy Writer 70 F Kate Miller A bitter Creative Director 40 F Neil Langford An aging Account Executive 50 M Meryl Duncan An up and coming Copy Writer 32 F
by Doug Devita

In an alternate London of 1820 during the joyous reign of King Stanley V8, Elinor and Marianne Wood, the illegitimate daughters of Sir Henry Dashwood and his cook, have become Nell Dash and Nance. Their vile half-sister-in-law Lady Fanny Ferrars Dashwood stops at nothing to keep them from getting a single penny of the annuity they have inherited, whilst at the same time trying to attain the two strands of pearls given the girls when they fled Devonshire, pearls which have mysteriously disappeared and have a strange history of their own.

Nell Dash A cheerful but sensible pie-maker 32 F Lady Fanny Dashwood A selfish, evil, upper-crusted woman 36 F Nance / Nell's younger sister, a prostitute 28 F Estella Adopted child of Miss Havisham 23 F Celia Peachum / Polly's ambitious, conniving mother 35 F Miss Pross / An elderly customer of Nell's 75 F Wackford Squeers A hospital attendant 30 M Dodger / A teenage pickpocket 15 M Edward Ferrars / Fanny's gentle younger brother 33 M Mr. Todd / A socially awkward barber 35 M Executioner An executioner 30 M Fagin / An old Jewish leader of thieves 60 M Mr. Brownlow / The Dashwood family solicitor 60 M Dr. Grimwig / A grumpy doctor 60 M Abel Magwitch Another elderly thief 60 M Toby Muzzle (or just Muzzle) / A dim-witted but gentle footman 39 M Miss Aurelia Havisham / A recluse 65 F The Beadle / An unctuous minor official 35 M King Stanley V8 The King of this alternate England 37 M Polly Peachum / A crafty little girl, very pretty 8 F Bill Sikes / A notoriously violent thief 35 M Tiger Brown / An ambitious but genial policeman 40 M Mr. Jaggers The Havisham family solicitor 40 M


Phillie's Trilogy: 
WINNER: "Outstanding Production" Fresh Fruit Festival
WINNER: Scrap Mettle Arts Inaugural Playwrights Competition
SEMI-FINALIST: Barrington Stage Company Burman New Play Award

The Fierce Urgency Of Now:
WINNER: "Outstanding Play" & "Outstanding Production" Fresh Fruit Festival