Ubu Roi Bake-Off

Monday, February 19, 2018 - 6:00pm
with Paula Vogel
Playwrights' Center

Paula Vogel has called for a national Ubu Roi Bake-Off to be performed on Presidents Day, February 19, 2018. During this country-wide grassroots event, Paula will be headquartered at the Playwrights’ Center.

Across the U.S. and around the world, artists, theaters, and collectives will be writing in response to Alfred Jarry’s text and performing it live on Presidents Day in response to our global crisis. Writers will have 48 hours—from noon February 17 to noon February 19—to complete 5-minute plays incorporating ingredients supplied by Paula Vogel. 50 of these plays will be read at the Playwrights’ Center on February 19 by a cast of 8 actors. No rehearsal, all instinct. 

Writers: Alayna Barnes, Nayely Becerra, Karen "Kit" Bix, Matthew Boerst, Jonathan Brandt, Julia Brown, Oana Maria Cajal, Erin Cargill, David Caruso, Cristina Castro, Hector Chavarria, Maxwell Collyard, Henry Dykstal, Cass & Rollie Erickson, Katherine Glover, Peter Gray, Caleigh Gumbiner, Bradley Hildebrandt, Cynthia Veal Holm, Gemma Irish, Rachel Jendrzejewski, Carson Kreitzer, Jeremiah Liend, Kassia Lisinski, Tim J. Lord, Gus Mahoney, Charissa Menefee, Heather Meyer, Brant Miller, Marisa Mosqueda, Gina Musto, Hadley Evans Nash, Lily Noonan, David O'Fallon, Evan Peterson, Beth Ann Powers, Sarah Prentice, Tate Sheppard, Karen Rind-Siegel, Stacey Rose, Andrew Rosendorf, Noah Savoie, Rachel Teagle, Taryn Verley, Brian Watson-Jones, Wendy Weckwerth, Bruce Williams

Actors: Christian Bardin, Cristina Castro, Ben Cherry*, Sun Mee Chomet*, Peter Christian Hansen*, Katie Kaufmann, Jim Lichtscheidl*, and Adia Morris* (*Member of Actors' Equity).

We encourage everyone, not just playwrights, to write a play. Whether or not you write one, please join us for the reading. We are onto a wait list; you can sign up below.

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Wait, what is this?

Want to write a play? Here are Paula's instructions for participating in the Twin Cities branch of this action.

Image text: Ubu Roi Bake-off with Paula Vogel. Readings Feb 19, 6 p.m.