Stacey Rose
Many Voices Fellow
Saint Paul, MN
Stacey raises sons, writes plays, saves lives, and loves cats ... at the same damn time.

Stacey Rose is a proud mom, theatre artist, and filmmaker from Charlotte, NC by way of Elizabeth, NJ. She is a 2015-16 Dramatists Guild Fellow. In May 2015 she earned an MFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts where she was honored with The Goldberg Prize, NYU Grey Gallery Prize in collaboration with The Studio Museum of Harlem for her short play My Pet. She was awarded The Dramatic Writing Department's 2015 Outstanding Writing for Stage award, was a 2014-15 Tisch Future Screenwriter Fellow, and was a 2015 Fusion Film Festival finalist for her television pilot "Up-And-Coming". Stacey's upcoming projects include: Post production of the short film "Fun" (the third in the series of films for The Perceptions Project), a reading of her play Igniting the Alabaster YOU! as part of The Bushwick Starr Reading Series, and her new short play Slavesperience will be produced as part of The Fire This Time Festival. Stacey strives to create work which entertains, challenges, educates and empowers both the audience and her collaborators. Her work typically focuses issues of Black identity, race disparity, the dilemma of "otherness." For more information about upcoming work visit


by Stacey Rose

The Danger, a theatrical symphony in four movements, is the harrowing tale of the legacy of White supremest patriarchy and its effect on a set of disparate souls all lost in the same dilapidated rail road waiting room desperately trying to find their way. “He” and “She” an interracial couple, has stumbled upon this dystopic universe having escaped the dangers of home, only to find themselves part of a larger more sinister danger governed by Gyp, part mad woman/part sage.  Gyp the self proclaimed Goddess of this world, wields her control over the flesh of The Three Mammies: Chastity, Hope, and Cherish who seek to escape from an impending slaughter on their plantation, and The Entertainers: Try and Vic whose sick sense of brotherhood keep them locked in a no win hustle. He and She, spellbound and enlightened by the power of Gyp’s magic, succumb to their truth and ultimately accept their part in the cyclical madness of the station.

4 Black Females 3 Black Males 1 White Female
by Stacey Rose

Millicent Lane is a lifestyle guru who wants to empower YOU, her audience toward the igniting of your  “Alabaster Selves”, the fearless, all-knowing, all-seeing White Male who lives within all people and who is the key to sustainable happiness.  Over the course of the evening Millicent,  guides the audience through the story of her struggle with identity and how she finally came to embrace her alabaster self … or has she?

3 Black Females 1 Black Male 1 White Female 1 White Male
by Stacey Rose

Alice Johnson has crafted the ideal life for herself and her husband Howard. At the crux of her marital success? Her absolutely irresistible Apple Crumb Pie that contains a secret ingredient that makes it very difficult for Howard to say no. Tonight they celebrate Howard’s early retirement, a celebration that Alice has plotted for the last 28 years. What she hadn’t accounted for, were variables. When two unexpected guests arrive to sup, Alice’s plans for a tropical future begin to dissipate and madness ensues.

2 Females 2 Males


Many Voices Fellow Stacey Rose will be attending Sundance Theatre Lab in Marrakech, Morocco with her play America v. 2.1: The Sad Demise & Eventual Extinction of The American Negro. The piece will be directed by Logan Vaughn.