Simon Bowler
Los Angeles, CA
Simon Bowler is a seasoned producer, director and writer of almost 800 hours of film, broadcast and cable television programming.

Simon Bowler is a seasoned producer, director and writer of almost 700 hours of film, broadcast and cable television programming.


After graduating with a degree in Film and TV Production from the University of Westminster in London, Simon started at the BBC where he ran several shows for BBC World Service Television.  He then went freelance and produced, wrote and directed feature documentaries for Channel 4, The World Bank, and Friends of the Earth.  He came to the United States and produced the acclaimed mockumentary feature film ‘Man of the Year’.  He worked as an entertainment radio journalist in Los Angeles, interviewing hundreds of actors and directors. Simon then worked in development with filmmakers and producers such as George Hickenlooper (Hearts of Darkness), Michael Phillips (Close Encounters), and Derek Gibson (Platoon, The Last Emperor).

He returned to television and produced, directed and wrote multiple shows for ABC, PBS, Discovery, Oxygen, Bravo, Channel 4 (UK), Fox, and Cisco Systems, Global Green, and Friends of the Earth.


He has shot on locations around America, across Europe, in the mountains of Nepal, the jungles of Bangladesh, the inner cities of India, the wilds of Borneo, and throughout his home country of Britain.   He has produced and post-produced game shows, reality shows, and hard-hitting investigative documentary features about deforestation, the corruption of international aid money, and the gangs of Los Angeles.


He is currently developing a major television drama series.



by Simon Bowler

On the tenth anniversary of 9-11 a U.S. Lieutenant reports to a General on progress against terrorism since the attacks, but what she tells him isn’t what he expected to hear…

General: A man in his 50s. Lt. Kimberly Clark: A woman in her 30s. Senator: A man in his 60s.
by Simon Bowler

Athens. 399 BC. The newly restored democracy is on shaky ground, the city is under threat from without and within.  Talk of betrayal, revolution and invasion pervade. The democratic leaders request the help of old man Socrates, the so-called philosopher, but when he refuses they threaten to put him on trial for heresy and corruption.  They believe they cannot lose the case, but in the trial the old man turns the tables and puts the democracy itself on trial.

SOCRATES, the philosopher, short, stocky, balding, pug-faced, plainly dressed (70s) XANTHIPPE, his wife, plain spoken, plain looks (40s) ANYTUS, a 'common citizen', owns the largest tannery in Athens, now Chief of the Assembly (50s) Leader of the Democrats. LYCON, a democrat, a carpenter, sober, cautious, (40s). MELETUS, a democrat, a failed poet, spiteful (30s) APOLLODORUS, aristocrat, idealistic, loyal (20s) PLATO, aristocrat, smart, arrogant (30s) ANTHEMION, Anytus's son, angry, frustrated (18) ARCHON, the Judge (60s) JAILER EXECUTIONER ZAPHYR - Anytus's slave, (20s) A BEGGAR. 1st and 2nd MESSENGERS. 2 SOLDIERS 3 YOUTHS
by Simon Bowler

The rise and fall of the greatest art forger in history.

Han Van Meegeren - Forger (40s) (Mee-Gur-en) (1) Jo Van Meegeren - Han's wife (30s) (2) Theo Van Wijngaarden - Art Dealer (30s) (Vin-Garden) (3) Abraham Bredius - Expert (60s) (Bree-dee-us) (4) Inspector Henrich Wooning - Allied Investigator (30s) (Woo-ning) (3) Lotte - a prostitute (30s) (5) Lt. Hess - Nazi officer (40s) (3) Judge - Female (40s) (2) Aloys Miedel - (40s) (Al-oice Mee-del) (4) Solider - (20s) (3) (various: Nazi Officer, Crowd) 10 roles, 7 male, 3 female. With doubling, 5 actors, (3 male, 2 female)
by Simon Bowler Khan

The rise of the poet, lover, and spy, Christopher Marlowe.

Christopher (Kit) Marlowe (20s) - poet, lover, spy (1) Archbishop Whitgift (40s) - head of the Church of England (2) Anne Whitgift (later Lady Anne Havenhurst) (20s) - Whitgift's daughter (3) Thomas Walsingham (20s) - nephew of Sir Francis Walsingham (4) Sir Francis Walsingham (50s) - Elizabeth's Spy Master (5) John Ballard (30s) - Priest and Catholic spy (and plays Ghost) (4) Robert Poley(30s)- Sir Francis' henchman (6) Philip Henslowe (40s) - owner of The Rose Theater (6) Judith Henslowe (30s) - husband of Philip (7) Lord Havenhurst (60s) - head of the Privy Council (6) Maunder (40s) - Whitgift's Sergeant (4) Jessica (20s) - Sir Francis' maid (3) A Collector (20s) (4) Elizabeth, Queen of England (30s) (7) (various: priest, crowd) 14 characters (10 male, 4 female). With doubling 7 actors (5 male, 2 female)


William Inge Theater Festival Play Lab 2017
Script Pipeline Fellowship
World Series Contest Winner
Sundance Episodic Workshop - Shortlist
Movie Deal Contest Winner
Academy Nichols Contest - Finalist x 2
Universal Chesterfield Finalist  x 2
Emmy x 2 - Post Producer
Telly Award x 2- Executive Producer