The Enemy of the State

Athens. 399 BC. The newly restored democracy is on shaky ground, the city is under threat from without and within.  Talk of betrayal, revolution and invasion pervade. The democratic leaders request the help of old man Socrates, the so-called philosopher, but when he refuses they threaten to put him on trial for heresy and corruption.  They believe they cannot lose the case, but in the trial the old man turns the tables and puts the democracy itself on trial.

SOCRATES, the philosopher, short, stocky, balding, pug-faced, plainly dressed (70s) XANTHIPPE, his wife, plain spoken, plain looks (40s) ANYTUS, a 'common citizen', owns the largest tannery in Athens, now Chief of the Assembly (50s) Leader of the Democrats. LYCON, a democrat, a carpenter, sober, cautious, (40s). MELETUS, a democrat, a failed poet, spiteful (30s) APOLLODORUS, aristocrat, idealistic, loyal (20s) PLATO, aristocrat, smart, arrogant (30s) ANTHEMION, Anytus's son, angry, frustrated (18) ARCHON, the Judge (60s) JAILER EXECUTIONER ZAPHYR - Anytus's slave, (20s) A BEGGAR. 1st and 2nd MESSENGERS. 2 SOLDIERS 3 YOUTHS
Simon Bowler