Rachel Teagle
Saint Paul, MN

Rachel Teagle is a playwright,comedian, and storyteller who grew up in the Silicon Valley and graduated from Carleton College. She subsequently migrated from Minneapolis to Atlanta to Connecticut, working with many supportive and distinctive theaters along the way including Bedlam Theatre, Serenbe Playhouse, and the Atlanta Fringe Festival, which she helped found in 2012. Previous works include: Orange: a farce (about terrorism); solo show Rachel Teagle Believes in Ghosts; and adaptations of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Snow Queen, and The Velveteen Rabbit. She was awarded the Leah Ryan Fund for Emerging Women Writers prize for The Ever and After.


by Rachel Teagle from the story by Hans Christian Andersen

An adaptation of Han Christian Andersen's classic tale of loyalty, redemption, and love. Join brave Gerda on her epic quest to save her brother from the icy allure of the mysterious Snow Queen and the chill creeping into his own heart.

KAI, a logical child GERDA, a loyal child SNOW QUEEN, a creature made of winter. Beautiful and sharp. INGEBORG, a troll also KAJA, the robber girl MALM, a troll also BJORN, a talking reindeer GRUNDTAL, a troll also HAGATHA, an eccentric old Lapp woman Originally commissioned by Serenbe Playhouse.
by Rachel Teagle from the book by L. Frank Baum

Come down the yellow brick road with a bold new adaptation full of heart, brains, and courage. Using innovative puppetry in an outdoor setting, this adaptation inspires audiences to look for the magic in their own backyard. After all, there is no place like home. Originally commissioned by Serenbe Playhouse.

SMALL CAST CHARACTER BREAKDOWN Dorothy ACTOR 1- Scarecrow (male) ACTOR 2 - Tin Man (male) ACTOR 3 - Lion (female) ACTOR 4 – With of the North, Witch of the South, Oz Guard, Auxiliary Puppeteer, etc (female) ACTOR 5 – Witch of the West, Elfra, Glinda Guard, Aunt Em, Auxiliary Puppeteer (female) ACTOR 6 - Oz, King of Flying Monkeys, Boq, Auxiliary Puppeteer (male) ALTERNATE LARGE CAST BREAKDOWN Dorothy Toto (non-speaking) Scarecrow Tin Man Lion Elfra Boq Additional Munchkin Townspeople Witch of the North/Witch of the South Oz Guard Oz Witch of the West/Aunt Em King of Flying Monkeys Additional Flying Monkeys (non-speaking)


The Ever and After will have its world premiere production with Theatre Pro Rata in Minneapolis, running December 7th-22nd at the Crane Theater. Directed by Sofia Lindgren Galloway. A draft of the script won the Leah Ryan Fund for Emerging Women Writers Prize.

...And the Sound is Thunder, music by Daniel Nass, text by Rachel Teagle will  be perfomed as part of Zeitgeist New Music Ensemble's Halloween Festival in St. Paul, MN

The 2014 Strange Sun Greenhouse Script Development Program winners include two members, Rachel Teagle and Deborah Yarchun (who were chosen from among nearly 300 applicants).