The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Come down the yellow brick road with a bold new adaptation full of heart, brains, and courage. Using innovative puppetry in an outdoor setting, this adaptation inspires audiences to look for the magic in their own backyard. After all, there is no place like home. Originally commissioned by Serenbe Playhouse.

SMALL CAST CHARACTER BREAKDOWN Dorothy ACTOR 1- Scarecrow (male) ACTOR 2 - Tin Man (male) ACTOR 3 - Lion (female) ACTOR 4 – With of the North, Witch of the South, Oz Guard, Auxiliary Puppeteer, etc (female) ACTOR 5 – Witch of the West, Elfra, Glinda Guard, Aunt Em, Auxiliary Puppeteer (female) ACTOR 6 - Oz, King of Flying Monkeys, Boq, Auxiliary Puppeteer (male) ALTERNATE LARGE CAST BREAKDOWN Dorothy Toto (non-speaking) Scarecrow Tin Man Lion Elfra Boq Additional Munchkin Townspeople Witch of the North/Witch of the South Oz Guard Oz Witch of the West/Aunt Em King of Flying Monkeys Additional Flying Monkeys (non-speaking)
Rachel Teagle from the book by L. Frank Baum