Nicolle Bradford
Brooklyn, NY
Australian playwright based in Brooklyn, NY.

Nicolle Bradford hails from Sydney, Australia.  "Cassowary" is a full length play and has had readings with The Production Company and The Greenpoint Arts Association in New York, and at the Australian Aliens Film & Theatre Reading Series in L.A.  "Lucy and Sally Like Living Together"  and "Bonding Leave" are two short plays dealing with death and birth and together these plays form a piece call "Flat". "Bonding Leave" was performed as part of the From Down Under to Down Stage reading series in New York City.  "Funeral Row" is a full length play which asks how do you mourn the dead when they die guilty?  It has had readings in New York City.  Nicolle co-founded The Production Company:An Australian-American Alliance and now runs the Ditmas Drama Club in Brooklyn, NY.  She is an alumae of Australian Theatre for Young People (Sydney, Australia), and Atlantic Theater Company Acting School (NYC). Nicolle is an Associate in Drama & Speech from Trinity College of Music, London.


by Nicolle Bradford

Siblings, Seb & Maya are at a cocktail party.

Maya comes back with a drink in each hand, busting with the lowdown.


Okay, here’s the scoop. Firstly, she’s straight.

Actually. Firstly, she smells fantastic. I was transported to a fresh meadow full of rainbows.

Trust me. She’s straight. She didn’t hit on me, and look at me, I’m a goddam masterpiece.

She’s single. I couldn’t figure out if she’s slutty-single or settledown-single. That’s for you to delve.

Her name is Shakira. Sha-ki-ra. Good name right?

She’s recently moved here for work. Some sort of goodie two-shoes, helping the helpless, angel job. Right up your alley. Dunno the living sitch.

She’s at the party with some work person. Not a date. Don’t think it’s a date. She didn’t indicate it was a date. Maybe they thinks it’s a date. You’d better move in fast if you want to make an impression before she’s overwhelmed with new people and forgets about tonight.

She knows about you. I told her all your dark secrets in the two minutes we chatted in line for the Ladies. Kidding! As if would I sabotage you when I’m trying to set you up!

She knows what you look like, she knows you’re my brother, she knows your name. Because I said, “I’m here with my brother Seb. That’s him over there.”

Jesus Seb! Pull yourself together. We’re moving on from Callie. It’s bad enough I had to force you to a party that you were invited to. I laid out your clothes and styled your hair. We’re moving on. I found you a nice chick. Go and get her a drink and chat about saving the fucking world.

(Maya finishes off her drink with a swift gulp).

She’s at the bar. Do you see her? She’s at the bar. Go get yourself another one. At the bar.

Go go go! Godspeed dear brother. I’m heading to the cheese table.

Siblings - Maya & Seb
by Nicolle Bradford

How do you deal with the death of a friend who has done something terrible?

On a scorching hot day, Doug's friends and his sister gather to attend his funeral, but are the circumstances of his death and the events leading up to it too much for them to forgive? Can they just focus on the good times and were they really that good?

CHARACTER NAME BRIEF DESCRIPTION AGE Millie Doug's sister Early 20s Topher Doug's best friend Late 30s Rosemary Doug's friend from college Alice's wife Late 30s Alice Doug's friend from college Rosemary's wife Late 30s Esme Doug's girlfriend Late 20s Bennii Marjorie's daughter Early 30s Dirk Millie's godfather 50s
by Nicolle Bradford

The backpacking adventures of two 21 year old women who travel around the outback of Australia in 1993.  Armed with a video camera, a phone card, and an appreciation for hostel cuisine, will their friendship endure sharing beds, sudden love affairs, lost luggage, and certian phobias?

by Nicolle Bradford

Lucy & Sally are best friends who laugh in the face of sickness.  When you're terminal, shouldn't there always be costumes, music & lovers?

This is a short play that can be performed as a stand alone piece or as the first half of two act play called Flat.

by Nicolle Bradford

Bonding Leave looks at the turmoil of baby's first day home.  When new parents Daisy & Jonathan are struggling to keep their newborn alive, is it really the best time for the unhelpful family members to pop by? Latching difficulties and profanity go hand-in-hand in this very funny short play.

It can be performed as a stand alone piece or as the second part to the play Flat.

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