D.W. Gregory
Affiliated Writer
Silver Spring, MD
Explores political issues through personal stories

D.W. Gregory’s plays frequently explore political issues through a personal lens. The New York Times called her “a playwright with a talent to enlighten and provoke” for her most produced work, RADIUM GIRLS, which has received more than 500 productions worldwide since its premiere at Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey. Other plays include: THE GOOD DAUGHTER, MOLUMBY’S MILLION, nominated for Philadelphia’s Barrymore Award for Outstanding New Play in 2011; OCTOBER 1962, produced at NJ Rep; and A GRAND DESIGN, commissioned by New Jersey Rep and developed through Theatre J’s Locally Grown Festival. In addition, her short comedy, SO TELL ME ABOUT THIS GUY, was a finalist for the Heideman Award and produced at Actor’s Theatre of Louisville's main stage on a bill of short works called "Match Games."  Gregory also writes for youth theatre; a competition version of RADIUM GIRLS and a new full-length drama for youth theatre, SALVATION ROAD, are available from Dramatic Publishing. Her work also has been developed through the support of the American Alliance for Theatre in Education (AATE), the National New Play Network, the Maryland Arts Council, and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts, as well as The Playwrights’ Center, Theatre of the First Amendment, NYU’s HotInk Festival and New Plays for Young Audiences, the Lark, Florida Stage, Geva Theatre, the Women’s Project, and the Young Vic, among others. Gregory is an affiliated writer with the Playwrights' Center, a former national core member and  a member of the Dramatist's Guild.






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by D.W. Gregory

A bawdy stage comedy play about four lives transformed by the discovery of 21 shocking photographs.

One night in a Colorado roadhouse, in the depths of the Reagan recession. Judy, the sharp-witted bartender, never lets her disability get in the way of what she wants—except when it comes to her boss, Dan, a big-hearted guy with no head for business, who is busy working out his issues—once again—with his girlfriend Bonnie, a waitress so comely that guys give her $10 tips just for wiping up the beer she spills on them. Only Chet, a steady customer, gives Judy a second look, but she’s got no interest in an out-of-work meatpacker who imagines himself the next Ansel Adams. It all comes to blows one Monday night when Judy decides to make her play, unaware Chet has cooked up a convoluted scheme to woo her that involves a clandestine photo session with Bonnie and a secret trade for a classic motorcycle. A deceptively subversive small cast comedy stage play about redefining beauty in an image-obsessed culture. 

2M, 2W
by D.W. Gregory

Two guys. One rusted out Honda. Twenty-four hours to separate a girl from her guru. The road to Hell was never more fun.

When his hip older sister Denise disappears with members of a fundamentalist church, 17-year-old Cliff Kozak struggles to hold it all together, pretending that he isn’t hurt by her decision to cut him out of her life. But a year later, a chance sighting of Denise at a New Jersey strip mall leads Cliff and his best buddy Duffy on a road trip into the heart of a deepening mystery. Why would a smart and talented girl like Denise fall for the hollow promises of a sleazy preacher? Could it be that blind faith is just another term for a desperate need to belong?

3 M, 3 F A large-cast version is also available from Dramatic Publishing, with parts for up to 16 actors--5-6M, 9-10 F, and was produced at New York University's Steinhardt School and Walden Theatre, Lousville, Ky.
by D.W. Gregory

1926. Radium is a miracle cure, Madame Curie an international celebrity, and luminous watches the latest rage. Until the girls who paint those watch dials begin to die. Based on the true story of the women and men who worked for the U.S. Radium Corporation in Orange, N.J., Radium Girls is a fast-paced examination of the commercialization of science and the twin American obsessions with the pursuit of health and wealth. Available from Dramatic Publishing.

Written for an ensemble of five women and four to five men, doubling into 38 parts.
by D.W. Gregory

Claire and Len, newly married, move into their dream home in a idyllic, wooded subdivision.  An added bonus: Len’s older friends Hal and Beth live just across the lake. But when Len’s chance remark at a party triggers the breakup of the other couple, Claire realizes they are in for some seriously bad karma. A dead crow shows up on the sidewalk, and the sky takes on a sickly hue. The clincher is when a shot rings out across the parking lot of the Safeway—striking down the first victim of an anonymous, serial sniper. Troubled by these events, Claire sets out to restore order by helping Hal to reunite with Beth. But she quickly discovers a tangled history between Len, Beth, and Hal that throws her onto a completely different question. Who is this man she wakes up next to every day? And as the killer moves in, both Len and Claire struggle with the trade-offs they have made between satisfaction and security. A post-9/11 comedy about learning to thrive in an age of uncertainty.

Developed through New Jersey Rep and Theatre J's Locally Grown Festival.


1 F, 2 M


Memoirs of a Forgotten Man, by affiliated playwright D.W. Gregory, is scheduled for its world premiere at the Contemporary American Theatre Festival in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, July 6 - 29.

Salvation Road, by D.W. Gregory, winner of Walden Theatre's Slant Culture Series competition in 2012 and originally produced by New York University's Steinhardt School, is now available from Dramatic Publishing. 

SALVATION ROAD closed a successful run in the Capital Fringe Festival this summer -- selling out the last two performances and earning rave reviews in local media. 

Selection from RADIUM GIRLS included in American Heartbeat: True Stories Told in Scenes and Monologues, coming soon from Dramatic Publishing. Not too shabby: On a bill with Steven Dietz, James Still & Karen Zacarias.