Claire and Len, newly married, move into their dream home in a idyllic, wooded subdivision.  An added bonus: Len’s older friends Hal and Beth live just across the lake. But when Len’s chance remark at a party triggers the breakup of the other couple, Claire realizes they are in for some seriously bad karma. A dead crow shows up on the sidewalk, and the sky takes on a sickly hue. The clincher is when a shot rings out across the parking lot of the Safeway—striking down the first victim of an anonymous, serial sniper. Troubled by these events, Claire sets out to restore order by helping Hal to reunite with Beth. But she quickly discovers a tangled history between Len, Beth, and Hal that throws her onto a completely different question. Who is this man she wakes up next to every day? And as the killer moves in, both Len and Claire struggle with the trade-offs they have made between satisfaction and security. A post-9/11 comedy about learning to thrive in an age of uncertainty.

Developed through New Jersey Rep and Theatre J's Locally Grown Festival.


1 F, 2 M
D.W. Gregory