Deborah Chava Singer
she, her, hers
Vancouver, WA
Poet, Playwright, Synesthete

Deborah Chava Singer is a poet and playwright originally from San Diego, California where she studied truth with the Mesa College Theatre Company and created, published and performed with the Queer Players.  While going to school (in something else) in Toronto, Ontario she remembered what she really wanted most was to be a writer.  She currently resides in Vancouver, Washington. Her plays include: The Red Rose (OG Productions' 5th Annual St. James Tavern Valentine's Day Theatre Shorts Festival, Columbus, OH 2016) Bonnie and Claudia’s Attempted Toaster Oven Heist (Buffalo United Artists’ Take 10, Buffalo, NY 2015; LSU’s Theatre Dept’s Outworks Festival, Baton Rouge, LA 2011; StageQ’s Queer Shorts 5, Madison, WI 2010), Naughty or Nice: A Santa Scandal Update (ARFTCo’s  A Christmas Cocktail, Chicago IL 2014; ARFTCo’s Chicago Christmas Spectacular, 2009), Sweet Bitter (The Working Theatre Collective’s 20 Erotic Shorts: Trois, Portland, OR 2012), The First Good-bye (StageQ's Queer Shorts 4, Madison, WI 2009), He Sees You When You're Sleeping (ARFTCo’s Chicago Christmas Spectacular, Chicago, IL 2008), Reading the Numbers (play lab, Last Frontier Theatre Conference,Valdez, AK 2007), and Sweet Night, Last Morning (10-Minute Play Slam, Last Frontier Theatre Conference, Valdez, AK 2007). Her writing has appeared in Chaffin, Cirque, Heart and Mind Zine, Snapdragon, Twisted Vine, Labletter, Off the Rocks, Rockhurst Review, Trajectory and Steam Ticket. She is the grateful recipient of a 2012 Grants for Artist Projects (GAP) grant from Artist Trust to work on her play Hidden Potential, or the Straight Gene.


“The Red Rose” in the 5th Annual St. James' Valentine's Day Theatre Shorts Festival 
from OG Productions at the St. James Tavern, 1057 N. 4th St, Columbus, OH, February 14, 2016 at 8pm.

2f, 2m

In the future genetic profiling is cheaper, widely accessible, and trending.  People look to their genes for guidance in exercise regimens, employment, romance, and even what hobbies to pursue.  Siblings Charlie and Emma have their genetic profiles done on a coupon.  Charlie, a gay man in a committed relationship, is told that according to his genes he's straight.  Emma's hopes of learning cooking and hosting dinner parties for all the friends she's going to make are dashed and she's told she should learn a musical instrument.  Charlie struggles to decide if his genes really are his destiny or if he should go against the science everyone around him wants to rely on and follow his own heart.

Hidden Potential, or The Straight Gene was written with the help of a Grants for Artists Projects (GAP) grant from Artist Trust.

2 male, 2 female; The characters are similar in age, from late twenties to late thirties. I am open to changing the genders of the characters.

This Teddy Bear is My Valentine

in OG Productions' 6th Annual St. James' Valentine's Day Theatre Shorts Festival:



My play Love Torments was in OGP's 10th Annual St. James Tavern Valentine’s Day Theatre Shorts Festival, you can watch it at

My play Spaghetti is going to be in NW10: Into the Cybersphere! Live stream date Feb 11 and 19. Complete festival will stream on demand February 25-28. Digital roundtable discussion on Thursday, February 25 at 6:30pm.  More info from Oregon Contemporary Theatre at

My short plays “Hanuka Mishaps #3: Cooking with Oil” and “The Holiday Curse” are in A Very Covid Christmas from Madlab. More at:

My play Terry's Wedding Was the Worst is in the OGP Social Distancing Festival, August 14-22.
Plays written to include Covid-19 safety precautions, including but not limited to: characters remaining 6+ feet apart, wearing masks, or with barriers between them.

Red, White and…WTF…!? in The 10th Annual St. James Tavern Shorts Festival: America Eve from O.G. Productions, Friday July 3, 7 pm (Eastern Time) on their facebook live. More info:

Video is online