Hidden Potential, or The Straight Gene

In the future genetic profiling is cheaper, widely accessible, and trending.  People look to their genes for guidance in exercise regimens, employment, romance, and even what hobbies to pursue.  Siblings Charlie and Emma have their genetic profiles done on a coupon.  Charlie, a gay man in a committed relationship, is told that according to his genes he's straight.  Emma's hopes of learning cooking and hosting dinner parties for all the friends she's going to make are dashed and she's told she should learn a musical instrument.  Charlie struggles to decide if his genes really are his destiny or if he should go against the science everyone around him wants to rely on and follow his own heart.

Hidden Potential, or The Straight Gene was written with the help of a Grants for Artists Projects (GAP) grant from Artist Trust.

2 male, 2 female; The characters are similar in age, from late twenties to late thirties. I am open to changing the genders of the characters.