A "SNOOP SPOOF" - CHARLIE'S ANGELS - "Eldercare Bikini Wax Job"

"Snoop Spoofs” are 10 - 15:00 minute comedic plays which may be produced separately or combined into an hour + evening of hilarity. The plays are written for two men and two women with doubling.

"Snoops" spoofed are: Stephanie Peach: “The Jersi Hotties”, Joe Friday – Dragnet: “The Beaver Cleaver Hanratty Truancy”, Hercule Poiriot: “Lunch With The Spider Woman”, Nick DeFalco, P.I.: “The Goddess In Green Satin”, Inspector Clouseau: “Relax and Wax”., Charlie's Angels: "Eldercare Bikini Wax Job", Sheriff Andy and Deputy Barney: "Community Policing Belly Dance". The sketches may be woven together with black-out parodies of the Rockford Files telephone answering machine messages.

SYNOPSIS: CHARLIE’S ANGELS are now in their 60’s and how have SABRINA, KELLY and JILL - the active, vivacious, intelligent ANGELS who served the unseen CHARLIE aged? And, what the heck happened to Charlie anyway?

CHARLIE - Unseen older man’s voice. BOSLEY – 70-ish - Charlie’s assistant. Business attire. SABRINA – 60’s - The cool, mult-lingual Angel wearing bright and colorful sports attire. KELLY – 60’s - The street-smart Angel now into supplements. Wears colorful sports attire. JILL – 60’s - Played by mustachioed man wearing Farrah Fawcett wig. First dressed in resort robe/hair wrap. Then belly-dancing outfit.
Jean W. Yeager