Kill 'Em With Aloha; Or, Da Big Mouth Pidgin English Play

KILL ‘EM WITH ALOHA; Or, Da Big Mouth Pidgin English Play is a coming of age story set in 1975, focusing intently on two teenagers who live on the island of Kaua’i. Manny and Janet, both come from working class local families and they navigate a clash of cultures when they befriend hippies who live in the notorious nudist colony, Taylor Camp, which squatted on disputed lands at the end of the road on the North Shore of the island. 

MANNY, 15, Filipino/Hawaiian. Skinny. Intelligent, Quick witted and funny. Struggling with his sexuality. JANET, 15, Japanese. Slightly overweight. Manny's best friend. A big mouth who tells it like it is. AUNTIE, early 40's, Manny's mother. A beautiful heavy-set Filipina woman. Tough as nails yet possesses a sweet smile and a generous heart. She is rarely seen without flowers in her hair and wearing bright red lipstick. SONNY, early 40's, Manny's father. Filipino/Hawaiian. Music is his soul. He is the epitome of a Hawaiian Beachboy. He knows who he is. The world comes to him. ALIKA, 24, Filipino/Hawaiian. Manny's older brother. Tall, handsome and fierce. What we imagine a Hawaiian warrior to be like. Suffers from PTSD from serving in the Vietnam War. He walks with a very slight limp. RACHEL, 22, Caucasian. Hippie. Free-spirited, yet strong willed. A championship surfer. JASON, 24, Caucasian. Hippie. A lost soul. Searching for peace after serving as a Marine in Vietnam. *KUMU HULA KAMALANI. *Recorded Voice or Live depending on production. Male/Non-Binary. The word Kumu means teacher. A Kumu Hula is a master teacher of hula.
Shanti Noelani Reinhardt