University Programs & Partnerships: University Courses
University Programs & Partnerships: University Courses

The Playwrights’ Center, in partnership with Augsburg University, is offering online, accredited playwriting courses taught by today’s leading writers in the field!

Through the University Courses program, students from all over the country can now enroll in our very first semester-long online playwriting courses.

These courses operate like any other 4-credit course and are designed to be taken alongside other classes at a student’s school as part of a full load. (The cost of the course replaces the cost of one full-semester class at their school.)  Through our partnership with Augsburg University's Center for Global Education & Experience (CGEE), students will get college credit and be able to apply their financial aid to the cost of the course, just as they would at their own university. A passion for playwriting, an eagerness to learn with and from amazing writers all around the world, and a desire to tell stories on stage are all that’s required! 

These new courses are designed to supplement what schools already offer. They provide intimate creative and professional mentorship at a time when many are in need of extra support. And they bring together student writers in a vibrant learning community with others all around the country and beyond.

Students can apply directly through Augsburg University’s Center for Global Education & Experience (CGEE) site. Course descriptions and registration info can be found on CGEE’s site. We’ll be rolling out more courses in Spring 2021 and the future, including Themes in Playwriting, Writing for Television, and Writing for Digital Media, so now is the perfect time to explore what we’ve got to offer. 

Reach out to Sarah Myers, Director of University Programs and Partnerships, at or 612-547-5743 to learn more!

Sarah Myers Leads a Tutorial on How to Apply for the Program