Tyla Abercrumbie
Chicago, IL
Chicago Based Playwright/Director - Recent work Who's Afraid of Deepak Chopra a comedy about depression.

I think, I dream, I live, I love, I play, I dance, I talk, I walk, I drink, I eat, I love my dogs, my friends, my family, new places, travel, running, reading. I hate exercise but I do it anyway. I'm a BAD speller and spell check has made me even worse. I like to cook but I like it more when other people cook. I don't like doing laundry... but I do. Same goes for dishes....and still I do. I love streaming anything all at once... and I've been trying to lose ten pounds for 5 years. That's about it. That's a little about me.

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by Tyla Abercrumbie

One woman tries to navigate all the role she's suppose to play but life is just a little more then she expected. Now, with the glass ceiling on top of her head, a failing marriage, ailing parents, a needy congragation and what might just be a developing eye tick - being crazy might just be the answer to life. 

by Tyla Abercrumbie

A steamy exploration into discovering sexual freedom and the power to say what a woman really wants.

Tyla Abercrumbie and Coco Elysses (Percussionist)
by Tyla Abercrumbie

Lana & Shelby attend their best friends funeral and she's given strict guidlines on attendees and dress code. Nobody knows when to laugh or if they should cry or even if they were really invited. 

Choosesn for the Chicago Dramatist Ten-Minute Play Festival 2010

Linda Bright Clay and Celeste Williams


I'm excited to have had a wonderful reading of my newest work. Who's Afraid of Deepak Chopra. I look foward to the next step.