Anthony Scott
Anthony Scott (playwright) is also known as Tony Burton (actor) and currently resides in Minneapolis, where he aims to put queer stories on stage!


by Book and lyrics by Anthony Scott, Music by Tony Burton

Discover the power of true love in this modern, full length musical describing the journey of two young men, Scott and Gregory, as they navigate through external forces that challenge their relationship.

Based on true events, this story touches on romantic relationships formed during the pandemic, on the realities of being queer in today's environment, on the stories of survivors of sexual assault, and most importantly: on how the characters featured prevailed despite all obstacles. 

This musical was inspired by Tony Burton's 2023 album by the same name, which can be streamed here.

To access the libretto for the musical's songs, please contact me privately. (The file is too big to share on PWC)

Scott, Gregory, Celeste, Tessa, Kyle
by Anthony Scott

ARTISTIC TENDENCIES, Anthony Scott’s two act queer mystery, takes place in the studio of photographer Natalie Larson. Natalie meets with a new client - the mysterious local gay artist Julian Bonavard. When she tells her ex-girlfriend and studio assistant Tayla Masters about her photoshoot with Julian, they both discover something about Julian that no one could have expected, not even Julian himself. As the girls delve into what their unsettling discovery about Julian could mean, the audience discovers a major part of the mystery lies within the details of Julian's relationship with his boyfriend, Cameron. Julian and Cameron’s connection and love ends up forcing Tayla and Natalie, two ex-lovers, to reconsider their fractured relationship.

Jam packed with Minneapolis queer history and information sharing -- this story about love, loss, hate and fear will take audiences on the journey of not only what it currently means to be queer in America, but also what it has meant in recent decades.

Natalie Larson - originated by Christina Stier Tayla Masters - originated by Ali Daniels Julian Bonavard - originated by Tyler James Cameron Jacobsen - Originated by Tony Burton
by Anthony Scott

Explore the love affair of the Ancient Greek Emperor Hadrian and his lover, a Greek man named Antinous, in this classically-written, full-length stage play. Based on a true story, the play also fills in the details lost to history with author Anthony Scott's idea of what a Shakespearean style tragedy looks like.

Main Characters: Hadrian, Antinous, Vibia, Gaius, Lucius,