Tom Cocklin
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Manzanita, OR
Retired HF engineer who is currently writing plays and taking courses on acting and theater.

Retired human factors engineer living on the north coast of Oregon.  I've taken up writing plays and studying play writing as a hobby and I'd like to learn more.  I'm also trying to get work in commercials and TV so that 's why the agent is listed here.  

Agent Information

Damon Jones


by Tom Cocklin

“Murphy, the divine prankster, is banished to the mortal realm by his family after one of his stunts on an earthly couple goes terribly wrong.”

4f/3m. Tess - An immortal oldest sister, represents Nature (AKA Mother Nature). Newt - An immortal second oldest child and represents the force and power of Gravity Karla - Is the immortal middle child and represents Karma and the balance in life and the universe. Pearl - Is the immortal fourth oldest sister and represents Love in all its cosmic forms. Murphy - Is the immortal prankster and the youngest of the five siblings. John - Mortal apartment dweller, married to Fay Fay - Mortal apartment dweller, married to John
by Tom Cocklin

While visiting the beach, Sarah, distracted after getting word that her husband has left her, is hit by a sneaker wave.  Terry, a comedian practicing his routine, sees Sarah disappear in a wave and runs to rescue her.  Terry consoles Sarah while they wait freezing for the EMTs to arrive. 

2f/1m. Sarah - jilted wife Terry - practicing comedian Mave - EMT