Sylmar, CA

Suzan Averitt was one of eight Los Angeles artists chosen for use of an NEA Grant for her theatrical interpretation of religious street literature. She is a member of Directors Lab West. Directing highlights include her stage adaptations for legendary Los Angeles landmark Al’s Bar and Rbitrary, a mash-up of dance/text monologues and dialogues performed in reverse round. She also originated Acting For Animation, which she taught in all the major LA animation studios. Acting accomplishments include solo shows at HFF and EdgeFest, and appearances in film, TV and LA theatre. She was featured in dance ensembles in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. Favorite roles include portraying a battling chicken encased in an acrylic Jell-o-filled cage and museum video installations by Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley, including most recently appearing opposite actor James Franco. She was managing editor and art director of satirical site Celebrity Porn Names. She wrote and directed Blurred Lines Dolphin Style, a parody music video and her mobile phone-filmed 5 Impressions of Marilyn Monroe in the Bathroom is winning at festivals, as well as her pilot (co-written with strangevista partner Jeff Peters), Monkey InthE Middle, and short script, Fukkles the Clown. Writing instructors include: Syd Field, Tony Bill, Jean- Claude van Itallie, Brett Paesel, Chris Wells, Aretha Sills, Jeffrey Sweet and Kevin McDonald (KITH), and many, many more to whom I am grateful.


by Suzan Averitt