Susan Miller
Affiliated Writer
New York, NY
Two-time OBIE Award winner. Guggenheim Fellow. Susan Smith Blackburn Prize. WGA Award. Plays: 20th Century Blues, My Left Breast, A Map Of Doubt And Rescue, Nas
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Joyce Ketay




by Susan Miller

When Jacob, a newly assigned census taker, makes a home visit to Gloria and attempts to get clear answers to the standard questions on the government form he’s been issued, Jacob discovers that the objective facts he’s seeking are not always so, as Gloria peels back the layers and confronts him with a different reality. That she is Black and he is white complicates their encounter in unexpected and mysterious ways.

2 M 1W Gloria - Black woman in her 50'-60's Jacob - White man in his 30's - 40's Young Man - Black - around 14


Former Core Writer Susan Miller's play "CENSUS" was selected for The Road Theatre Company's 12th annual Playwrights Summer Festival. It will stream on Aug. 1. 2021


Former Core Writer Susan Miller's 20TH CENTURY BLUES will have its Off B'way Premiere at The Signature Theatre, directed by Emily Mann, running Nov.12 thru Jan. 28.  The play had its world premiere in 2016 at Contemporary American Theatre Festival.