Stanley Kipper
Minneapolis, MN
I'm a lifetime musician (trap drums/percussion), songwriter, and emerging playwright.

Stanley Kipper is a lifetime muscian (trap drums, percussion) singer, songwriter, producer and emerging playwright. His musical travels have taken him world wide. Stanley is the founder and leader of New Primitives a four time Minnesota Music award winner, an inductee in both the St. Louis Classic Rock Hall of Fame (2016) and the Midwest Rock and Coutry Hall of Fame (1997).

Stanley has been a member of The Playwrights Center since 2015. He has studied with Winter Miller, Andrew Rosendorf, and Christina Ham.

Stanley has written three plays to date. The Fire, Addie Mae Baker, and From Behind the Sun (co-written with Laura Drake).

From Behind the Sun debued in February 2019 at the Whitney Theater in Minneapolis on the campus of Metropolitan State University in conjunction with Theater Underground and Minneapolis College. The show had standing-room-only performances during its run.




by Stanley Kipper/Laura Drake

What happens when a black family moves into and all white neighborhood in the 1950's

Obie Kipper: (late 20's early 30's) Black, father and husband of Mary Abraham Kaplan: (late 20's early 30's) Jewish, friend and coworker at the Post Office with Obie Kipper Mary Francis: (late 20's early 30's) Black, mother and wife to Obie Tyler Kipper: (8 or 9) Black son to Obie and Mary Kipper Angela Kaplan: (20's - 30's) Jewish, Abraham's wife and friends with Obie and Mary> Merle Swanson: (40 - 50) White, a Minneapolis Real Estate agent
by Stanley Kipper

What happens when three early childhood friends play with mathches and accidently set a garage on fire. Could possibly be done as a one person show.


Mom/Mary Francis: Stan and Juni's Mother in her late 20's Dad: Stan and Juni's Father and Mary's husband Stan:2nd/3rd grade Juni: Stans older brother 7th grade Curtiss: Same age and grade as Stamn Michael: 2nd grade Dedrea: 7th grade Tweety Bird: 2nd grade Brady/Simeon: Same age and grade as Juni. Simeon's Mom/Twety birds Mom: Late 20's


From Behind the Sun co-written with Laura Drake opened February 2019 at The Whitney Fine Arts Theater in Minneapolis. The show was produced by Metropolitan State University Theater Underground and Minneapolis College. Jon Bream from SarTribune also wrote a feature article on the play and the writers.

Four Time Minnesota Music Award winner for Best Reggae/World Music band.

1977 Midwest Country and Rock Hall of Fame Inductee with Gypsy.

2015/16 St. Louis Classic Rock Hall of Fame Inductee.

Live appearences include Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show, The Toyko Music Festival