Shawna Casey
Los Angeles, CA
NIGHT BECOMES DAY (2nd in Ebell of Los Angeles Playwright Prize, 2014) STRONG FORCE (NEWvember Fest, NY 2014) BLUE BLUE MOON (Last Frontier in Valdez, AK 2017)

     Shawna Casey is an emerging playwright, born of her experience as an award-winning stage actress performing new works by top playwrights in Los Angeles, New York and Europe.  Cast in premiere productions by such playwrights as Irene Fornes, Murray Mednick and Jose Rivera, she now writes her own plays with an eye toward love in all its glory, pathos and humor.  

     In 2014, her first full-length play, Night Becomes Day was awarded 2nd place in The Ebell of Los Angeles Playwright Prize competition for women playwrights in California.   Night Becomes Day was honored with a "Green Read"  as part of Theatricum Botanicum's Seedlings series on Saturday, Sept 12, 2015, with Ellen Geer illuminating the role of Matilda.

     In November 2014, Strong Force, her two-act look at love, death and romantically-skewed physics, was chosen out of 500 blind submissions for a public reading at Tangent Theatre's NEWvember Festival in New York's Hudson Valley. 

     Early drafts of Strong Force also received recognition from Aurora’s Global Age Project Competition (finalist), and the Playwrights Foundation BAPF Competition (semi-finalist).


     LATEST: In June 2017, her new two-act play, blue blue moon, was invited to the Last Frontier Playwright Conference in Valdez, AK; and her latest short play, Catch, was a hit at the “What She Said” short play festival in Duluth, MN.
     In November 2017, blue blue moon is also invited to Tangetnt Theatre's NEW 17 Play Festival in New York's Hudson Valley.  


     Short plays include The Aegean, produced by Padua at the Lillian Theatre in Hollywood; Animal Style and Sap, produced by the Lost Studio in Los Angeles; Bluebird, produced by Theatre of N.O.T.E. in Hollywood; Out of the Blue, produced by There in 10 at the Acting Barn in Los Angeles; Read m n Weep; and her latest, Take Me to Church.

     Ms. Casey received her MFA in Writing at Spalding University MFA program in Louisville, Kentucky in 2012.  She conceived, edited and contributed to the single edition of her zine, LOVE, which was carried by two popular independent bookstores in Los Angeles, and is working on a book of short stories entitled Fear Not, Maude May.   

     She has received 6 DRAMALOGUE AWARDS and 8 LAWeekly AWARD Nominations for her work as an actress in Los Angeles, where she lives with her husband Jack Kehler.



two-act play Strong Force - chosen out of 500 blind submissions for the NEWvember Festival in November 2014; finalist in Aurora's Global Age Project competition; semi-finalist in the Playwrights Foundation BAPF 2015.

full-length play Night Becomes Day 2nd place in The Ebell of Los Angeles Playwright Prize Competition 2014 for women playwrights in CA"Green Read" in Theatricum Botanicum's Seedlings series on Sept 12, 2015 in Los Angeles.