Sharon Baker
Bluffton, SC
Sharon has written 4 plays, all on NPX. She's a happy PWC member and Dramatists Guild of America member.

As Travel Journalist Sharon Spence Lieb, Sharon published 5 travel guide and 300+ travel essays in magazines worldwide. Her archive is on Google.

Newly married as Sharon Baker, Sharon has written 4 plays, archived on NPX. Her play, "Birthday Party at the Dalai Lama's Palace" was well received on a ZOOM reading, presented by The Dramatists Guild of America.

Sharon is also an Artist, exhibiting her paintings in galleries on Hilton Head Island, SC.

Married to golfer Kenny Baker, she's an avid cat mom, gardener and loves her Girlfriends and Family.



by Sharon Baker, aka Sharon Spence Lieb, Travel Journalist

A young girl's yearning for adventure turns into a face to face encounter with wild polar bears.

A funny poignant play on how Wild Encounters change our lives.

An animated girl around 10-12 A crazy funny woman around 35-50
by Sharon Baker, aka Sharon Spence Lieb, Travel Journalist

A young woman addicted to her cell phones and laptop ignores the Real World.

Mother Nature intervenes. Her life is changed by powerful imagery, magnificent music and the charms of a charismatic rollerskating young man. Isn't the Real World more fun? This play is without words, told entirely through video imagery, sound effects, jazz, and two compelling animated actors who engage the audience.

A young woman, 20-28 A young man, 20-28 Both very animated, the young man plays the sax and roller-skates
by Sharon Baker, aka Sharon Spence Lieb, Travel Journalist

Teenaged Jackie Thomas dreams of becoming a wildlife artist and global traveler. Huge obstacles knock her down. But Jackie was born wild....and she achieves her Dreams.

A family comedy about Ambition and Adventure.

4 Teenagers and 5 Adults. A variety of races, cultures and gender preferences.


Sharon Baker's two act comedy, BIRTHDAY PARTY AT THE DALAI LAMA'S PALACE,

will receive her world premiere reading on Zoom, Sunday July 19, 2pm.

Produced by The Dramatists Guild of America.

 Enjoy this free reading, contact Sharon for the Zoom invite link. or 843-505-1667


Sharon Baker's play, NEAR DEATH BY POLAR BEAR, is inspired by her

own face to face encounter with wild polar bears. Her award winning travel

essay, "Polar Bears out my Window" is on Google, under Sharon Spence Lieb, Travel Journalist.

On Youtube, enjoy her hilarious video, "Hey Mr. Polar Bear"!!