Ron Capps
Edgecomb, ME
Emerging playwright.

Ron's plays have been produced or had readings in Michigan (LowellArts), North Carolina (Dare Arts), Maine (The Lincoln Theater, Heartwood Regional Theater), Connecticut (Fairfield University), Massachusetts (Salem State University) and Dubai (Short+Sweet). His 10m play, Hand-Clubbed Baby Seal, was a top ten finalist in VetRep theater's 2022 playwriting contest. 


God gets a new phone and isn't very good at operating it. The person he buttdials picks up. 


Produced: October 2022. Lowell Arts' Things That Go Bump in the Night Festival. 

Two roles: one female, one gender neutral. One voice off.

Two strangers meet at a fancy wedding reception. They soon learn that the canapés they've been enjoying are made with hand-clubbed baby seal... or was that the carpaccio of spotted owl. 

Finalist. Veterans Repertory Theater playwriting contest 2022. 

Selection: Short+Sweet Dubai January 2023. 

Four roles: 1m, 3n.

Families navigate the death of loved ones in combat and the return of the survivors. 

The play includes seven songs.

Staged reading: Dare Arts, November 2022.

Workshop: Heartwood Theater, February 2023.

Seven roles: 3m, 2f, 2gn.
by Ron Capps

The Somme, 1916. A dugout just behind the British front lines. A soldier condemned for cowardice returns to his unit where the sentence will be carried out. 

Traditional casting: 5m.