Ric Oquita
Affiliated Writer
San Diego, CA

Ric Oquita is a Berlin-based published and produced writer, playwright, and performer.

Ric conceived and devised "High Five" and "Instrumental Journey" for the La Jolla Athenaeum (San Diego), "Out of the Margins," "Sabor a Mi," and "Echoes from the New World" for Teatro del Pueblo (St. Paul), "Grün Kommt" for Theaterwerkstatt Bethel (Bielefeld, Germany), and "Ric's Café" for Puppet Empire (Cologne, Germany). 

His solo work includes "Glory Hole" (Illusion Theatre), "Fireballs: A Prayer to the Santa Ana Winds" (Southern Theatre), "Jack Flint: Boy Detective," "American Me 2" and "Aftershocked" (Patrick's Cabaret), "Frontal System" (The Brook, Brooklyn), and "La Fuñata" (TuYo Theatre, San Diego).

His collaborative works include "goldenfear: soon, now, later" with Stefanie Neubeck (Berlin, Germany), "Descanso" with Patrick Scully (Cologne, Germany), "Dumpster Dancers" with Wendy Knox (Loose Cannons, Southern Theatre), "Queer Quinceañera" with David Figueroa (Theatre X, Milwakee), and "Nebel and Nebelina," a short fable, cowritten with Patrick Scully, told via a series of filmed, super-8 sequences projected on fog, dry ice, and steam (Patrick's Cabaret).

Among his street theater works are "Muy Sexy," "Como Agua Para Lubricante," and "Ponte el Sombrero" for Proyecto Gol (Committee for Hispanic Families and Children, NYC).

Ric has written and performed in five film shorts: skindivingFrom Head to ToeLa Verdad No DueleSprachkurs Deutsch, and Tijuana.

He was a member of Ping Chong and Company devising and performing in "Kind Ness," "Cathay" and "Deshima," "Elephant Memories," "4AM America," and "Chinoiserie."

He is the host of "Ric's Café," a monthly salon in Berlin for writers and performers and works across Germany and Switzerland as a coach for scientific presentations.