Rebecca Nichloson
she, her, hers,
Affiliated Writer
Minneapolis, MN
Rebecca Nichloson is a interdisciplinary artist and communications strategist

Rebecca is a prolific poet, fiction writer, singer/songwriter, playwright, and theater maker. She is the author of numerous creative works, including Mara, Queen of the World (an acapella musical); The Wild, Bold Enlightenment of Velvet the MistressCooking with Keisha (or Anatomy of Pie), and Jill, Jack & the Martian Lady, a play she created for a children's education workshop at the Minnesota Opera. Her fiction and performance pieces include Children of the First HummingbirdIntelligence, and Zar-Baby, among others. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Playwriting (Multiplatform Writing) from Columbia University and an MA in English Literature. She was also the recipient of a 2020 Commission from the Cedar Cultural Center for which she created Multicolored Musings: Jewels of Love, Loss, & Triumph (a three-part collection of songs exploring her African and African American heritage and passion for genre eclectic music) and received a 2020 honorable mention from the McKnight Foundation (Spoken Word). In addition, she is the recipient of the Liberace Awaard, the Howard Stein Fellowship, The Matthew's Fellowship, an America-in-Play Fellowship and a Many Voices Fellowship from the Minneapolis Playwrights Center (2008-2009). She is currently working on a collection of poetry. Learn more at