Rebecca Nichloson
she, her, hers,
Affiliated Writer
Minneapolis, MN
Rebecca Nichloson is a interdisciplinary artist and communications strategist

Rebecca's plays include: Hello I’m Eve (winner of the 2013 Jane Chambers Student Playwriting Award), Remnants, Cooking with Jane, Rose Out the Pavement, Collision with Cake, The Applicant, Big Black Pot, Chocolate Barbie, The Dramatist, Big Man/Little Man, Jemima, Charlie Horse, and Bird Man. Her works have been developed and work shopped at the following venues: The Playwright’s Center of Minneapolis (where she was a Many Voices Fellow for two residences), Harlem Classical Theatre (playwrights playground), The Fire This Time Festival, Signature Theatre Company (as part of Columbia University “New Plays Now”), Shakespeare’s Sister Theatre Company, Penumbra Theatre Company (Gym Workshop), Pillsbury House Theatre, Bedlam Theatre and Gremlin Theatre.

She’s worked with Eric T. Jones, Former President of the 2013 Student Union Executive Board at Columbia University School of Social Work, conducting research on topics related to social and behavioral sciences and, as a fellow, worked in the Communications and Events Department at Columbia University School of the Arts, where she wrote for the school of the arts newsletter, edited the M.F.A Theatre Program website using Drupal, and promoted program events via Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, as a book reviewer for, she authored over twenty- book reviews of fiction and non-fiction, and co-authored an article regarding the state of self-publication and trends in the American literary scene.

Rebecca holds a M.F.A. in Playwriting (Screenwriting & Multiplatform Writing) from Columbia University School of the Arts, an M.A in English Literature from Mercy College, and B.A. in Business Administration/Liberal Arts. She is also the recipient of the Liberace Award, the Howard Stein Fellowship, The Matthew’s Fellowship, and an America-in-Play Fellowship. Many Voices Fellowship from the Minneapolis Playwrights Center (2008-2009).

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