Louis Arata
he, him, his
South Bend, IN


by Louis Arata

Kenny Reston is a typical college student, more interested in partying than classes. When he meets the unconventional Karen, the instantaneous attraction awakens the specter of his mother. In danger of spiraling out of control, he must face the traumatic memories of childhood.

Kenny: Physical Ed major. Football player. Only child Karen: Undergrad social work major Bryan: Undergrad graphic arts major. Kenny's best friend Stephanie: Undergrad nursing student Tom: Kenny's father, mid-forties. ER doctor Janis (doubles as Police Officer): mid-twenties Billy (doubles as Police Officer): mid-twenties The Shape: the manifestation of trauma/sexual abuse. Any age or gender identity
by Louis Arata

Christmas doesn't look so merry when your husband has been eaten by a wolf.

Now Megan is braving her first Christmas without him. But her in-laws are a tough bunch. No one wants to talk about how Andy died, and Megan can't shake the funny feeling about Andy's final prayer, where he asked God to take him instead of his dying mother. And now Frances's cancer has gone into remission.

Absolutely, definitely, no one wants to talk about that. "A Careful Wish" is an ensemble comedy about possible miracles and family dysfunction.

Frances Morgenthal: 61. The world's a nail, and she's the hammer Edgar Morgenthal: 62. Hasn't seen the ball since the kickoff Greg: 35, oldest son. Philosophically sentimental Ruth: 35, married to Greg. Festive micromanager Megan: 32, widowed. Decided grounded Kyle: 29, younget son. The family court jester Ian: 7, Greg and Ruth's son. Remarkably normal, considering his parents