LaDarrion Williams
North Hollywood, CA

Hailing from the small town of Helena, Alabama, LaDarrion Williams is a self-taught playwright, filmmaker, author, and screenwriter whose goal is to cultivate a new era of Black fantasy, providing space and agency for Black characters and stories in a new, fresh, and fantastical way. As a playwright, his first play Katrina won first place at the Alabama State Thespian Conference. Black Creek Risin’ was a part of the Great Plains Theatre Conference in Omaha, Nebraska. His play, Coco Queens, was invited to participate in the 2019 Sundance Institute’s Playwriting Intensive and will be receiving its World Premiere at Playhouse on the Square in July 2024. His plays also received semi-finalist recognition from the Eugene O’Neill National Playwriting Conference. He is a 2x finalist for the National Black Theatre I AM SOUL Playwriting Fellowship, David Ross Fetzer Foundation for Emerging Artist Theatre Grant, and the American Blues 2023 Blue Ink Award. He is also an alum of the Echo Theatre Playwrights Lab and the Boise Contemporary Theater BIPOC Playwrights Festival. His Jeff Award nominated play Boulevard of Bold Dreams (a story about Hattie McDaniel’s historic Oscar win) was a part of the New Works Festival at the Morgan-Wixson Theatre in Santa Monica, California. It received a world premiere production at the TimeLine Theatre Company in Chicago and an East Coast Premiere at Greater Boston Stage Company in March 2023. It was a part of the Orlando Shakes Theater Signature Series in Fall 2023 and will be produced at subsequent theaters nationwide in 2024-2025. In his filmmaking bag, LaDarrion has curated three short films on YouTube. And as a debut author, his USA Today and New York Times Best Selling Young Adult Fantasy Blood at the Root made its debut May 2024.

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by LaDarrion Williams

An historic night at the Oscars.
A dream of what could have been.

IT IS FEBRUARY 29, 1940, the night of the Academy Awards in Hollywood, California. Bartender Arthur Brooks, an ambitious Black man from rural Alabama, dreams of becoming a movie director. His best friend, Dottie Hudson, is a maid at the Ambassador Hotel who finds herself to be a cynic of all dreams. When the actress Hattie McDaniel stops in at the bar and decides not to attend the most significant event in show business, Arthur and Dottie do everything in their power to convince her to go and claim her historic win—while confronting their dark past and making their own dreams come to life.

This play is about race, class, gender, and the ever-changing landscape of Hollywood.

ARTHUR BROOKS - Black man, a dreamer/bartender who moved from Alabama in hopes of becoming a movie director. DOTTIE CUNNINGHAM - Black woman, a bit of a cynic who seems to be running from something. She and Arthur are best of friends. HATTIE MCDANIEL - Black woman, an infamous actress currently nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards.
by LaDarrion Willliams

In the heart of Birmingham, Alabama, six courageous Black students who are desperate to be seen, heard, and protected set out to create their own co-ed fraternity for the neglected Black population on the predominately white college campus of McMillan University. But, when their efforts are sidelined by racial tension and a scandal, these young friends are forced to band together, challenge their moral compasses, and face their own dark secrets head-on.

Nikita Nikki Desrosiers 21, African American / Black, woman edit delete NIKITA (NIKKI) DESROSIERS - Black woman, early twenties, loyal. Grew up very Bourgeois. Girlfriend to Trayvon. She's a woman who's no stranger to pressure and duty. She's the supportive girlfriend of Trayvon and helps him start the Umoja group. She's currently a junior Pre-Law major at McMillan University. Can be played by: Age: Teens Race/Ethnicity: Black, African, Caribbean, or African American Gender: Female Trayvon Gardner 21, African American / Black, Male edit delete Black man, early twenties. Rejected from a Greek club and decides to create his own fraternity. Trayvon is one of those cool, charismatic types of jocks who just wants to implement Black excellence. He is currently a junior Business Major at McMillan University. Can be played by: Age: 20s Race/Ethnicity: Black, African, Caribbean, or African American Gender: Male Taronda Weston 21, Black, woman edit delete Black woman in her early twenties who takes no crap from anybody. A supportive and loving friend. Her and Trayvon have been friends since they were kids. She's a junior and studies Communications at McMillan University. Can be played by: Age: Teens Race/Ethnicity: Black, African, Caribbean, or African American Gender: Female Hakeem Edwards 21, Black, Male edit delete lack man, early twenties who cares only for the ladies. Sweet talking and also best friend to Trayvon. He takes a liking to Taronda. Even though he doesn't want to admit it. That's his Maxine to his Kyle. He's a junior Political Science major at McMillan University. Can be played by: Age: 20s Race/Ethnicity: Black, African, Caribbean, or African American Gender: Male Denorris Lee 21, Black, Agender/Non-binary (they/them) edit delete they/them. Black and in their twenties who is openly gay. They are fiercely loyal to Trayvon, and for a good reason. Studies Theatre Arts at McMillan University and is also a junior. Can be played by: Age: 20s Race/Ethnicity: Black, African, Caribbean, or African American Gender: Non-binary Aaron Lewis 19-20, Black, Male edit delete Black man in his late teens who is considered a nerd. Sophomore music major. Soft and genial at heart. The baby of the group. Can be played by: Age: Teens Race/Ethnicity: Black, African, Caribbean, or African American Gender: Male Dr. Cook 40-50s, White, woman edit delete A Caucasian woman who is the first female president of McMillan University. Proud. Good and well-intentioned. A woman who comes from strength, but had to fight to get here. Nikki's mentor. Can be played by: Age: 40s, 50s Race/Ethnicity: White Gender: Female
by LaDarrion Williams

An explosion of movement, music, and story, Broken Memories follows three teenagers struggling to find their voice in a world that ignores them. By weaving dance with poetry and the shocking stories of their lives, Broken Memories forces audiences to confront issues such as bullying, teen pregnancy, depression and suicide head-on.

KEVIN - (m) He comes from a broken home. PORTIA - (f) She comes from a broken love. CLAUDINE - (f) She comes from a broken life.

Synopsis: In the sweltering and ripe bayou summer of 1920, bayou summer, Mama Jakes, a majestic black woman decides to start bootlegging whiskey with her young partner/ musician Willie Earl when the law of prohibition rains down, resulting in the closing of her prominent juke joint, Black Creek. This sets in motion a chain of life-changing events that greatly impact Mama Jakes and her entire family. Black Creek Risin' is a play about love... bootlegging... and the dark secrets hidden in the backwoods of Louisiana. A first of LaDarrion Williams' Black Creek Trilogy.


"Tyrell James is one of those hard-headed kids who ain't got no business doing what he's doing. He’s into the gang life on the harsh streets of Memphis, Tennessee. Skipping out on his responsibilities, and he's on the verge of losing himself. For him, this is the only way to survive. Before he screws up his life even further and continues down the wrong path, he is mysteriously summoned to an 1800s antebellum plantation. There he is forced into learning the hardships of slavery, past mistakes, and valuable life lessons that will set him back on the right path that he was destined for all along."