Julie Jensen
Affiliated Writer
Salt Lake City, UT

Julie Jensen has been writing plays since she was nine years old. She has now written more plays than Shakespeare. Virtually all of them have been professionally produced and more than a dozen have been published. Recent work includes:

TENDER HOOKS, a play about social class in a rural setting, focuses on an older woman terrified by a family that moves in next door. It has been widely produced as a one-act play and is now being developed as a full-length for production at Pygmalion Theater, Salt Lake City, UT.

MOTHER, MOTHER, the many mothers of Maude, a play focusing on Annie Adams, a 19th century American actress, and her incredibly famous daughter, Maude Adams. The play has been recently produced by Pygmalion Theater in Salt Lake City and will be published by Dramatic Publishing Company.

P.G. ANON focuses on three women, all suspect pregnancy: one too old, one too young, and one not up to the task of motherhood. The play was commissioned and developed by Rivendell Theatre, Chicago, IL. It was later produced during the pandemic as an audio play by Plan-B Theatre, Salt Lake City, UT. Currently in development as an in-person theatrical experience, it will be a part of the Kayenta New Play Lab, St. George, UT.

WINTER, a play about the ultimate freedom, deciding when to exit this life and on our own terms. It's the story of a smart woman, a poet and an English professor, who begins losing it and decides that she must do something before she becomes a burden. Produced as a part of NNPN Rolling World Premieres at Salt Lake Acting Company, Salt Lake City, UT; Rivendell Theater, Chicago, IL; and Central Works Theatre Ensemble, Berkeley, CA.

MOCKINGBIRD is an adaptation from the novel by Katheryn Erskine. A young girl on the Autistic spectrum copes with the death of her older brother, killed in a school shooting. The experience is rendered from her point of view. The play was commissioned by and originally produced at Kennedy Center, Washington, DC. The play won the David Mark Cohen National Playwriting Award and the award for Best Adaptation, American Alliance for Theatre and Education. It has been published by Dramatic Publishing Company and has received more than three dozen productions.

Jensen frequently teaches classes in playwriting. Her book PLAYWRITING: BRIEF AND BRILLIANT is published by Smith and Kraus. She is now in the process of conducting interviews with playwrights nationwide, focusing not on what they have written but how they write, process rather than product. These audio interviews will be edited for publication.