Jack Yaco
he, him, his
Henderson, NV
Jack is a new playwright who loves writing humorous plays and has studied playwriting with the Dragon Theater in CA.

Jack is a new playwright though he's written humorous plays recreationally for years - it's in his blood.  To further his knowledge of the craft Jack enrolled in playwriting classes offered by the the Dragon Theater in California which included Bridgette Portman's excellent Introduction to Playwriting class and Leanna Keyes' inspiring class on how to use humor in plays.  He also studied Lauren Gunderson's playwriting videos and in the 1980s took a comedy writing class from John Cantu, manager of Cobbs Comedy Club in San Francisco. 

Jack has a BA in Psychology and is an avid photographer.  He's always had a strong interest in spiritual and social justice topics as well as in humorous writing. He resides in Henderson, NV which adjoins the infamous but fabulous Las Vegas and he is currently working on several plays.