Haygen-Brice Walker
Many Voices Fellow
Saint Paul, MN

Haygen-Brice Walker is a Puerto Rican-American playwright-producer born and bred in the American South and currently making bad-ass art in South Philly. Each day, Haygen-Brice is one step closer to becoming Jennifer Lopez, which is trite for a gay Puerto Rican, but he's embracing the cliché and living in his truth. Haygen-Brice holds a BFA in Directing, Playwriting, & Production with a focus in Playwriting and a Creative Writing minor from the University of the Arts and is a two-time alumnus of the National Theatre Institute.  Haygen-Brice's work is a kaleidoscopic clash of caffeine, history, pornography, violence, pop-culture, myth, and magic and his playscapes are often populated by gay werewolves, drag queens, Jennifer Lopez, white buffalos, cocaine, dreamers, John Wayne Gacy, and lots of fonts. 

Haygen-Brice is a 2018-2019 Jerome Many Voices Fellow at the Playwrights' Center; third year member of PLAYPENN'S The Foundry, a Philadelphia Playwrights' Lab; a member playwright of WRITERS ON THE ROCKS; and a 2018-2020 Core Playwright with Interact Theatre Company.

In 2015 (with director-producer Elaina Di Monaco), Haygen-Brice co-founded ON THE ROCKS, a production company for the frequent collaborations between Di Monaco and Walker. ON THE ROCKS is dedicated to bold, millennial, unapologetic, queer storytelling. The company produces a special brand of late-night, byob, deep-fried, theatrical dumpster-fire that has performed to sold out crowds in unconventional spaces across Philadelphia.