Ellen Maddow
Affiliated Writer
New York, NY

Ellen Maddow is a founding member of Talking Band. Plays she has writen and composed music for include, FUSIFORM GYRUS—A SEPTET FOR TWO SCIENTISTS AND FIVE HORNS, FAT SKIRT BIG NOZZLE (with Louise Smith), BURNISHED BY GRIEF, THE GOLDEN TOAD (with Paul Zimet), THE PERIPHERALS, PANIC! EUPHORIA! BLACKOUT, FLIP SIDE, DELICIOUS RIVERS, PAINTED SNAKE IN A PAINTED CHAIR, and five pieces about the avant-garde housewife, Betty Suffer. She also composed music for Talking Band's production of CITY OF NO ILLUSIONS, THE ROOM SINGS, and MARCELLUS SHALE, Taylor Mac's WALK ACROSS AMERICA FOR MOTHER EARTH, and Liz Duffy Adam's BUCCANEERS (Children's Theatre of Minneapolis) among others. Ellen recently performed in Clare Barron's DANCE NATION at Playwrights Horizons. She is a recipient of a McKnight Playwriting Fellowship, the Frederick Loewe Award in Musical Theatre, a NYFA Playwriting Fellowship, NEA/TCG Theatre Residency Program for Playwrights, member of Open Theatre, alumnus of New Dramatists.