Dave Carley
he, him, his
Toronto, ON
Dave Carley is a Toronto-based playwright, whose work has been produced widely across Canada and the United States.

Dave Carley is a Canadian playwright, based in Toronto. His work has been produced extensively across Canada and the United States, and around the world. His most recent drama, Canadian Rajah, enjoyed a sold-out run in Toronto in 2019 and was remounted in 2020 for both stage and radio podcast. (It was published in 2022 by Scirocco Drama.) Another play, Taking Liberties, also had a sold-out production in Toronto in 2020.

Although the pandemic has caused the cancellation of a few productions, Dave hopes like hell to be back on stage by mid-2022, starting with a production of his short play Almost Woodstock at the Port Hope Arts Festival. That will be followed in October, with a Toronto presentation of The Shakespeare Club. Dave also spent his cloistered time completing a new play, Extinction, and an audiobook version of Emily of New Moon, which stars Megan Follows and is available via Audible.

Dave is an employee of The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and for a number of years was the script editor for its radio dramas.

For a complete listing of Dave's plays and more on his work, please visit his website at www.davecarley.com

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Canadian Rajah has been published... It's the bizarre but true story of a young man who should have become the rajah of Sarawak (now part of Malaysia) but was, instead, exiled to the backwoods of Canada. https://www.jgshillingford.com/product/canadian-rajah/