Daaimah Mubashshir
Core Writer
New York, NY

Daaimah Mubashshir is based in NYC. Published works include The Zero Loop (No Tokens Journal), Come with Me - Solve for X in The Occasional 2, edited by Will Arbery (53rd State Press), Molasses and A Blue Coat (Kenyon Review), and The Immeasurable Want of Light (3 Hole Press). Awards include an 2018 Audrey Residency (New Georges), a MacDowell Colony Fellowship, and a Foundation of Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant. Full length plays include Room Enough (Fire This Time Festival, Clubbed Thumb, Pride Plays), There is Something About a Clock Face (The Kilroys, JACK, & Fire This Time Festival) and Rum for Sale. For upcoming presentations visit www.daaimahmubashshir.com



by Daaimah Mubashshir

Room Enough is centered on a contemporary African-American Muslim Family coming to terms with how to treat queerness up against long-standing ideals and faith. Fatimah, a recently widowed matriarch, is determined to have it all. She wants the opportunity to set right a 10 year mistake by inviting, Jamillah, her queer daughter, to return home after a long forced absence.  Can she have it all when, Abdullah, her son, is driven to fight against this decision even though he loves his mother deeply.

4W, 1M
by Daaimah Mubashshir

The Immeasurable Want of Light is a new work made from a selection of plays called Everyday Afroplay.

Everyday Afroplay, which began in 2016, is a daily theatrical writing meditation on blackness or the black body. This practice is a text-based response to Chris Ofili’s portrait series Afro Muses. Concerning “blackness” as an idea palette, Afro Muses liberated me to create a cauldron of text that can exist outside commonly perceived industry constraints. When collaborating with other theatre artists using text from Everyday Afroplay, that work becomes a new work, specific to that collaboration. The elements of collaboration — site, duration, the aesthetic of the collaborators — serves as both container and compass that molds and pushes the work forward into existence. 

The Immeasurable Want of Light is an episodic play that reflects on Black bodies through the poetics of the star formation process, from dark matter to supernova. Set in an imagined galaxy/artist colony, we track Maker’s journey into visibility, while a pageant of characters unfolds a galactic experience.

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33 (Varied)
by Daaimah Mubashshir

Inspired by a selection of Chris Ofili’s paintings, Rum for Salefollows Max Tate, and his wife, Nikki, to Port of Spain, Trinidad. Max believes he is to take over The Lime Bar and Sugar Plantation his grandfather left him. But oopsie-daisy, the property was actually left to the other grandson Aufidius Tate. So there was some sloppy record keeping and of course, neither Tate is willing to give up easily. Where rum is involved, yes, there are often battle lines to draw, heartbreak and despair but oh it's nothing but sweet paradise going down

2M, 2F