Craig Bailey
Shelburne, VT
Developer of Read My Play™, a free script exchange service to facilitate sharing of critical feedback on works-in-progress among playwrights

Craig wrote, produced and published his first one-act while still in high school. He's played many roles in Vermont community theatre productions, as well as regional television commercials and independent films.

A broadcaster for more than 30 years, he drew on experience working in small-market radio in the 1980s and '90s to write his one-act "Mitch Maclay Sings Just for You." His other works include "Valaise," which premiered in Hamilton, Ontario, in October 2020; and "The Mockingbird's Nest."

Craig's the developer of Read My Play™, a free script exchange service to facilitate the sharing of critical feedback on works-in-progress among playwrights.

He's also the producer and host of "Floydian Slip," a weekly radio show devoted to rock band Pink Floyd, which is heard on more than 100 stations.

A Vermont native, Craig has lived in the Burlington area since the early-'90s.


by Craig Bailey

Two North Tower executives fritter away the last moments of their lives the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

Dade, adult male, any ethnicity. Peck, adult male, any ethnicity.
by Craig Bailey

A routine sales-pitch leads to a life lesson for newbie Josh, when he calls on homeowner-under-house-arrest Tink.

Josh — Male, early-20s, any ethnicity. Tink — Female, mid-40s, any ethnicity.
by Craig Bailey

Mr. Loin interviews befuddled candidates for a position at his florist shop. Or is it a butcher shop?

Loin, any age, male. Gregory, any age, male. Sparky, any age, male. Jensen, any age, male. (All roles can easily be played as any gender by making a few small revisions to the dialogue.)
by Craig Bailey

Chris and Loralie await one-time pop sensation Mitch Maclay's upcoming visit to small-town radio station TRU-92. What is it about the has-been crooner's appearance that's put them at odds? And will he even show up?

Christopher Wood, early-30s, male; Loralie Kent, early- to mid-20, female
by Craig Bailey

Elderly shut-in Daisy suspects her daughter and live-in caregiver, Robyn, isn't what she seems to be.

Daisy, 80s, female; Robyn, 50s/60s, female. The characters can be any ethnicity, but, ideally, the same ethnicity as one another.
by Craig Bailey

Past midnight in a dingy basement, Mikey and Ryan struggle to bust open a stolen suitcase. But their real struggle begins once they discover what's inside.

Mikey, 20s or older, male; Ryan, 20s or older, male


My one-act thriller "The Mockingbird's Nest" will be produced at St. Louis Actors' Studio's LaBute New Theater Festival in July.

Five new plays performed over 11 days at the Gaslight Theatre, St. Louis — including a new piece by Neil Labute.

My one-act "The Mockingbird's Nest" was named a finalist in the St. Louis Actors' Studio's LaBute New Theater Festival.

My one-act "The Mockingbird's Nest" took the prize at Theatre Odyssey's One-Act Play Festival Oct. 9.

From their announcement:

Vermonter Craig Bailey wins the Fourth One-Act Play Festival Verna Safran Prize of $1,000 for his play about an elderly shut-in who suspects her daughter and live-in caregiver isn’t what she seems to be. And nothing is what the audience initially thinks.

Directed by Sarasota's Ann Morrison, the play presented tour de force performances by Betty Robinson and Nellie O'Brien.

Theatre Odyssey will place on its website more information about the festival soon.

My one-act "The Mockingbird's Nest" earned me "Best Playwright" at this year's Pittsburgh New Works Festival.

Three productions of my one-act thriller "The Mockingbird's Nest" are taking place Summer/Fall 2022:

  • Drip Action Theatre Co./Arundel Festival Theatre Trail, Arundel, UK
  • Split Stage Productions/Pittsburgh New Works Festival, Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • Theatre Odyssey, Sarasota, Fla.

These are the script's first full productions.