Brandy Carie
Core Writer
Lancaster, CA
Playwright, director, producer, feminist, dog-lover. MFA Playwriting 2020 Carnegie Mellon University.


Bell and Roe live in a world decimated by apocalypse and devoid of human society. They live alone. Until they meet each other. Will they form a relationship, or compete for resources?

2 F, any race, 20s or 30s

Monica doesn't like to be touched, but Monica is looking for love. Cece does whoever she wants, whenever she wants, and thinks Monica should dothe same. When Monica begins taking the brutal self-defense Krav Maga, she begins to relate differently to her body--she feels stronger, tougher, more ready to punch people in the face. And she does punch people in the face. Including the guy she was just starting to like...and her best friend. What now? Is that all it takes to end a relationship? One punch?

3 F, any race, 20s-30s 2M, any race, 20s-30s


Edward Albee Foundation Fellow, August 2017