Barbara Snow
Minneapolis, MN
Emerging playwright nearing retirement. There are no age limits on creativity.


by Barbara Snow

                        Late in the Game is a play that looks at the experience of aging from the perspective of Baby Boomers.  How does the generation that opposed the Vietnam War and marched for civil and women’s rights, settle into their new role as senior citizens?  The short answer is, not very gracefully.

            Margaret, Donald, Iris, and James are faculty members of the Lilac Cove Community College.  Margaret, a creative writing professor, loses her job when the College implements a “business-centric” curriculum.  The four are also long-time members of a Writer’s group who meet regularly at the local Community Center.  Margaret, recently divorced, and now unemployed, needs a new source of income - not an easy get for a woman in her sixties.  Callie, the youngest member of the group, and an employee at the local sex toy store, urges her to consider writing in a different genre.  “You want to make money off writing? Try erotica.” The rest of the group immediately takes up the challenge.

            Like all good academics, they begin their exploration by Googling erotica, researching publishing opportunities, and coming up with a list of five rules for writing erotica versus porn.  As they attempt their first clumsy erotic writing exercises, relationships evolve among the group, and secrets are revealed.

            What follows is a sometimes funny, sometimes serious sequence of events that reminds us that the Boomers have no intention of going gentle into that good night.  Late in the Game is a story of life, death, love, aging, and the most frightening of all experiences: change.



Margaret – Recently divorced, early 60s. Teaches poetry and creative writing at the local community college. Iris – Margaret’s long-time friend, widow, early 60s. Teaches technical writing at the same community college. A founding member of the writers group. Callie – Daughter of a recently deceased member of the group. Early twenties, pierced, and fierce, with a soft little underbelly that you rarely see. Donald – early 60s. Teaches accounting at the community college. Never married. Likes to bake. Founding member of the writers group. James – Mid-forties. Recently hired to head the IT department at the community college. New member of the writers group. Gina Mae - Manager of the Lilac Cove Community Center. Boomer age. John Miller - New President of the Lilac Cove Community College. Trump-like in his attitude. Can be played by one of the other male cast members. Assistant to President of Community College. Can be played by actress playing Callie.


Pleased to announce that my full-length play, Late in the Game, was a finalist for the Ashland New Play Festival.


Barbara Snow

Pleased to announce that my full-length play, Late in the Game, will be given a staged reading at FutureFest, in Dayton, Ohio, during the weekend of July 20th.

Barbara Snow