Annika Andersson
Chicago, IL
Chicago-based playwright/actor/singer/dancer/musician who loves stories that combat isolation with community!

I am a Chicago-based actor who grew up in a “mini music hall” with my mother (the violinist), father (the trumpeter), and sister (the cellist). My incredible family inspired me to follow all my artistic passions, including *insert deep breath here* acting, singing, instruments, dancing, and playwriting. In pursuit of these things, I graduated with a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre from Oakland University with an Undergraduate Thesis in Playwriting. 

Outside of the arts,  I absolutely love backpacking, being Cheez-its' #1 fan, and discovering new worlds in the pages of a book (Dune is my current favorite).  ​

All in all... anything that involves a good time with genuine human connection... I'm there!

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by Annika Andersson

As an extreme form of confession, The Clarified Church of the Cross drugs 18-year-old Mira Vance, putting her into a hallucinogenic coma. When her hallucination takes the shape of a court room occupied by the people of her past, Mira rushes to the stand to defend her life. Ultimately, the overbearing Judge must decide what sentence matches Mira’s sins. After all, she cannot return to reality until her soul is properly cleansed.

This is the first play in the trilogy titled, "The Sacred Trilogy."

5F, 4M (9 total) Mira: 18 years old; would smile forever if it meant that no one would ever cry; has an unassuming sense of humor; shy Judge: 40 years old; strongly committed to authenticity and justice; tends to hide her humanity; strong Father Michael/Court Reporter: 62 years old; the lead pastor; automatically commands respect, but tends to bumble; passionate Ashley/Defender: 25 years old; the big sister you always wished you had; sees the best in others; compassionate Father David/Prosecutor: 27 years old; the associate and music pastor; sticks to the facts; eager to please; cunning Mira’s Mom: 34 years old; strong advocate for what she believes in; concerned about her family and the world they live in; commanding Mira’s Dad: 35 years old; trying to keep it all together but failing miserably; the "fun parent”; advocate for change Diana: 18 years old; has an incredibly intoxicating personality; image conscious; impulsive Ross: 19 years old; a boy who’s trying to decide what kind of man he’ll be; charismatic; sincere
by Annika Andersson

When a young congregant disappears from the Clarified Church of the Cross, Father Michael must find a way to keep his community from breaking. It’s a simple enough task, but everyone around him has their own agendas... and secrets. The Mother of the missing congregant, Katherine, experiences a psychotic break. The younger associative pastor, Father David, struggles to balance his commitment to the priesthood with hidden romantic feelings for another congregant. Father Michael fights to regain control, but visions of his own son haunt his every waking moment. Maybe a lack of control is what this community needs. Only time and confrontation will tell.

This play is the second in the trilogy, "The Sacred Trilogy."

4M, 2F (6 total) Michael: 62 years old; the lead pastor with a secret; commands respect, but tends to bumble; apparent master of disguise David: 27 years old; the associate and music pastor; questions the facts; eager to please; driven Ashley: 25 years old; the companion you always wished you had; sees the potential in others; compassionate Katherine: 34 years old; tries to advocate for her beliefs; concerned about her family and the world they live in; afflicted Benjamin*: Appears from ages 6-17; wrestles between his chosen path and desired fate; imbued with confidence; a trickster *Note: At each appearance, the age at which he appears is notated. Saint Isaiah: Appears as a disembodied voice; viewed as the epitome of divinity; a glass vase with a crack; a paradox
by Annika Andersson

Harriet was never good at being alone, especially now. One night at 3 am, Harriet faces her grief (and her first “adult” break-up) by re-telling Shakespeare's Hamlet all by herself. Through it all, she can’t help but wonder how much more complicated Hamlet’s life would be if he was... I don’t know... like her.

2F HARRIET - 22, a college student who is trying to adapt (might have lost her mind in progress) FEMALE HAMLET - 22, Hamlet, but stronger (and wilder) OPHELIA - 22, Hamlet’s girlfriend (soon to be ex-girlfriend) GHOST - 50, the shadow of Hamlet’s dead Father GRACE - 18, Harriet’s over-optimistic sister
by Annika Andersson

Just a young person being nice. What more could you ask for in the face of betrayal?

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The Trial of Mira Vance 

In a drug induced coma, Mira is put on trial and must defend her past if she wants to keep her life.  

  • Reading – Self produced – July 2021 
  • Reading – Ann Arbor Civic Theatre, January 2020 
  • Reading – Oakland University, November 2019 


The Tragedy of Light 

A crumbling congregation, hidden violence, and secrets… maybe chaos is what this church actually needs

  • Reading – Self produced – October 2022
  • Reading – Self produced – August 2022 



Female Hamlet 

To combat isolation, Harriet retells Hamlet alone (and fights off her own ghosts in the process).

  • Production – Intermission Play Festival – August 2020 
  • Production – Ann Arbor Civic Theatre – September 2020 


The Magic is in the Question  

Two strangers. One Harry Potter convention. Endless arguments that bring the unlikely friends together.

  • Reading – Celebration of Life Festival – May 2019 


The Waiting Room 

In a doctor’s office, two high school classmates wonder if what they’re actually sick with is love. 

  • Reading – Celebration of Life Festival – May 2018



Dancing in the Living Room: A Mocumentary 

In this Christopher-Guest-style Mockumentary, we follow a 22-year-old put on a dance recital for her parents – just like she did when she was 5. 



BFA Musical Theatre – Undergraduate Honors Thesis in Playwriting (Oakland University, MI)

New Works Class – Spenser Davis (Acting Studio Chicago)   

Virtual Writer’s Room - Israel Savage (IN Studios, NYC) 


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