Ain Gordon
Affiliated Writer
Brooklyn, NY

Ain Gordon is a three-time Obie winning writer/director/actor, two-time NYFA recipient and a Guggenheim Playwriting Fellow. Commissioned/developed/presented: NYTW, Soho Rep, The Public, BAM Next Wave, 651ARTS, DTW, PS122, Kitchen, HERE, etc (all NY); Mark Taper (CA), George Street (NJ), Krannert (IL), DiverseWorks (TX), Flynn (VT), Painted Bride (PA), etc. Collaborations with David Gordon: ART (MA), ACT (CA), AMTF (PA). Gordon’s Art Life & Show-Biz published in Dramaturgy Of The Real. Gordon appeared in Spalding Gray: Stories Left To Tell Off-Broadway and ICA Boston (Elliot Norton Award nom), Walker (MN), New Territories (UK), etc. Co-Director of Pick Up Performance Co(s).


by Ain Gordon

If She Stood centers on the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society, a multi-racial, collective established in 1833 to abolish slavery and, almost accidentally, frame the burgeoning discourse on women’s rights. These pioneers of the modern social justice movement include Sarah Grimke, Sarah Mapps Douglass, Sarah Pugh, and, fifty years later, Angelina Weld Grimke.

What makes a woman surrender her private life to the public good?

Does she fight for other’s freedom to find her own?

Must alliances forged in political opposition eventually crumble in divisive compromise?

Many of the Anti-Slavery Society’s members were also Quaker and the performance borrows rituals of Quaker Meeting; begin with communal silence, delve into spontaneous solo testimony, end with a handshake. 

4 women. One Caucasian in her late 50's early 60's. One African-American in her 40's/50's. One Caucasian in her 30's/40's. One African-American late 20's/early 30's.
by Ain Gordon

A lone woman’s unbreakable bond the hurricane that devastated the Texas island of Galveston in 1900, taking 6,000 lives in a single night.

Equipped with a pitcher of water and drinking glass she unravels the shocking truth behind this disaster, interweaving tales of presidential corruption, pubescent despair, patriotic fervor, pre-marital passion and paralyzing writer’s block.

One caucasian woman aged 45-60.
by Ain Gordon

Lexington, KY has several adjoining historic districts. Four Generations of historic plaques dot those precincts. Fenced inside the brass borders of each plaque are what meager facts a metal rectangle can offer.  There stood one house as old as all those chosen for public remembrance – unmarked – awaiting the wrecking ball.  In This Place… is based on the true story Sam and Daphney Oldham who bought their way out of slavery to build this home in 1830...

One African-American woman aged 45-55