Playwriting résumés

Submission process
Amanda Robbins-Butcher

Most submission opportunities ask for a playwriting résumé or CV. A playwriting résumé is different than a standard “job” résumé in a few ways. A playwriting résumé should only focus on your career as a playwright.

You should list your education experience and degrees received. Be sure to include name of school and years attended.

You should begin by listing the plays you have written. Be sure to include any productions, readings, or workshops the plays have had. If a play has had more than five productions/workshops/readings, you can limit the list to the five most recent. Be sure to include the theater name or company that produced the play, and the year. If you are a writer of both full-length and short plays it is best to separate these into two sections. If you are a screenwriter you can also list those in a separate section.

A playwriting résumé is also a time to list any awards. You can list awards you have won, as well as those for which you have been nominated. Again, be sure to list the company or theater where the award is based and the year.

You can also list classes or seminars you have taught, as well as any publications you might have.

Below is an example playwriting résumé. You will notice it is very compact. Your résumé should be able to show the reader a quick summary of you as a playwright. If that means you only have your education and one play, that is absolutely fine. There is no need to beef up the document with non-playwriting experience.