ZEN & the Art of Mourning a Mother

A memory play where Angie's memories compete with her daughter Sarah's memories.  Sarah's need to control her mother's death causes her to berate Denise into understanding her own mother's life in a new way.  

5 women, 3 generations, all struggling with loss take a train from Philly to NYC.  Angie and Lois get on in 1963, Sarah and Denise get on in 1993 and Isabel gets on in 2003.  The train passes the Twin Towers in 1993 but they weren't there in 1963.  Only Isabelle in 2003 mourns them, and only she understands loss as a child can, and when she meets her grandmother, Angie, who is mourning her own mother in 1963, Isabelle might be able to save her own future.   

A play concerned with our shoes and our souls, a comedy with (t)issues.  

90 min no intermission unit set 

5 women from @13 to late forties