Set in the year 2171, biological Men are extinct as the “y” chromosome has disappeared from the gene-pool. In a deeply divided country, government forces have "mandated" that all women who are able to, must reproduce by the age of 35, in an effort to combat a growing concern of extinction of women. But some rebel groups have encouraged "uploading" as a way to preserve the mind and consciousness, while disposing of the biological form. After a long school year, six friends go to a remote cabin on a private island in the Ozarks. As the drinking starts, the group is forced to reconcile with what extinction means, the world they live in, and what ideals they choose to uphold. Exploring sisterhood and choice, Yland (pronounced "island") is about what we want for our futures, and what price we are willing to pay to get it.

CARLIE, 22, female-identifying, a natural born leader and peace-keeper. Girlfriend of Beth SARA, 22, female-identifying, party-animal, always down for a good time. Opinionated ISABELLA, 19, female-identifying, more sheltered than the rest, conservative GRETA, 21, female-identifying, Heidi’s sister although not biologically, protective of those she loves HEIDI, 21, female-identifying, Greta’s sister although not biologically, the mediator, close with Beth BETH, 22, female-identifying, conflicted, tortured. Girlfriend of Carlie GLORIA, an ageless female A.I.; a voice-over, is nested within the cabin and can power/control most functions, like Siri or Google but capable of so much more
Jake Alexander