Why Our Dads Need Therapy

What would you say to your Dad if only your therapist was listening? Based on personal interviews and told through a series of vignettes, memories, psychological analyses, and multi-media presentations, Why Our Dads Need Therapy explores a generation of Dads who won't talk about their feelings, and the influences that made them that way. As their children explore the patterns and absolute anomalies of their relationships to their fathers, what starts as a way to cope becomes a devastating conversation on what we need most from our Dads, and what they simply can't give us.

DAD A- early sixties, also plays YOUNG DAD A CHILD A- mid- to late-twenties, eldest child of DAD A CHILD A1- early- to mid-twenties, youngest child of DAD A DAD B- early-sixties CHILD B- early- to mid-twenties, child of DAD B DAD C- early sixties CHILD C- early- to mid-twenties, child of DAD C DAD D- early sixties, also plays INTERESTED BUYER CHILD D- early- to mid-twenties, child of DAD D CHILD E- early- to mid-twenties, father-less THE LISTENER- plays multiple roles, including many THERAPISTS, DAD A'S FATHER, CONSERVATIVE OPINION PUNDIT, LIQUOR STORE OWNER, 1980’s REALTOR, TALK RADIO HOST, etc.
Jake Alexander