Why Birds Fly

For this play, I was named a RISKY PLAYWRIGHT by Cutting Ball Theatre in San Francisco in 2014.  They run a RISK IS THIS Festival, and I was honored to be recognized as risky.

A tragic comedy (or comic tragedy - your choice) on the nature of the patriarchy, two women try to put their lives back together after a terrible storm. 

Drawn from the Persephone/Demeter myth, Judeo-Christian tradition and the Beckett-esque physical clown-theatre, these hard-scrabbling women each seek a new beginning.  Grace wants to put her family back together, but Mary is desperate to break free.  

2 women, age is relative, one set - play is done in real time (optional interval) 90 minutes

A woman barely old enough to give birth, and a woman barely old enough to be her mother -- or two fantastic actors who work well together, both women